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Books  /  Published 26.04.19

Grim tales: Rape and violence against women in India

No nation for women By Priyanka Dubey, Simon & Schuster, Rs 399...
By Srimoyee Bagchi in

Books  /  Published 04.06.20

Women in transition

It has taken a pandemic-induced global lockdown to make visible to us the millions of invisible, desperate migrant labourers whose toil sustains us and the nation. In this context, appreciation is due...
By Sutanuka Ghosh in

Books  /  Published 28.05.20

An old, bitter contest over history and memory

When a ‘historic’ mosque built in the sixteenth century is brought down in the twentieth because people ‘remember’ it being the birthplace of a ‘legendary’ king in the hoary past, does tha...
By Kingshuk Chatterjee in

Books  /  Published 03.01.20

America has been trumped

Even the most committed Republican would hesitate before comparing the Trumpian White House with Camelot. Simply because the modern avatar of King Arthur — President Donald Trump — is, to put it i...
By Uddalak Mukherjee in

Books  /  Published 31.01.19

A heady history of Opium

Is there anything quite as miraculous for pain alleviation as opium, its derivatives and its synthetic imitators? The answer, put quite simply, is no, as Lucy Inglis demonstrates in her engaging and i...
By Nayantara Mazumder in

Books  /  Published 17.01.19

Deborah Baker's The Last Englishmen is vast

The dramatis personae, presented at the beginning, is categorized into explorers of the Royal Geographical Society, English writers, London art crowd, Calcutta Parichay adda, relatives, nationalists a...
By Sujaan Mukherjee in

Books  /  Published 01.11.19

Arundhati Roy's seditious heart

Princess of prose’. ‘Darling of bleeding-heart Left-liberals’. ‘Maoist’. ‘Ambedkarite’. ‘Anti-capitalist’. ‘Anti-development’. ‘Anti-nuclear’. ‘Anti-government’. ‘Anti-...
By Brinda Bose in

Books  /  Published 29.11.18

How Democracy Ends: Towards a death foretold

How Democracy Ends is a grim analysis of why democracy, particularly in the West, will “slowly but surely” come to an end in a “drawn-out demise”, preceded by “a long half-life”. This is ...
By Prasanta Ray in

Books  /  Published 22.11.18

South Africa after Gandhi

New India under its pradhan sevak has striven hard to bury the Mahatma’s legacy. But the threat of effacement to, or, indeed, the reassessment of, what that remarkable man left behind is not limited...
By Uddalak Mukherjee in

Books  /  Published 30.03.19

I made a mistake. I should have told my story

By Rajat Gupta in


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