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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Bush, Obama in implicit rebukes

Neither of them mentioned President Trump by name but two of his predecessors emerged from political seclusion on Thursday to deliver what sounded like pointed rebukes of the current occupant of the Oval Office and the forces of division that prop......   | Read..

Oxford college no to Suu Kyi name

The students at a Oxford University college where Myanmar's de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi studied have voted to remove her name from the title of their Junior Common Room for her inability to co......   | Read..

Kobe Steel admits losing customers

Kobe Steel Ltd sank deeper into crisis on Friday as the embattled company said it had lost some customers to competitors because of widespread data falsification that had extended to its mainstream......   | Read..

Blaine denies rape claim

David Blaine has been accused of raping a British former model at a private home in London....   | Read..

Bomb school was not for Lulu

Let's just get this out of the way: There are other matters of consequence going on in the world....   | Read..

Harvey loses UK film honour

The British Film Institute has withdrawn its Fellowship, the highest honour the organisation can award, from Harvey Weinstein....   | Read..

Mushroom breakfast makes you 'fuller'

Eating a mushroom-rich breakfast may result in less hunger and a greater feeling of fullness compared to consuming meat, a study has found....   | Read..

N. Korea in nuclear warning

North Korea has sent a letter to Australia's parliament, warning it is a nuclear power and will not be cowed by President Donald Trump's threats to destroy it, according to a copy of the letter pub......   | Read..

Why people prefer the window seat

Ask any stranger on the street whether they prefer the aisle or the window seat and you can guarantee a quick-fire response....   | Read..

Raid on BMW hub

BMW's headquarters were raided by EU officials investigating an alleged cartel among German carmakers, it said on Friday, as rival Daimler claimed whistleblower status in an effort to avoid fines....   | Read..

Malawi goes after 'vampire' lynch mobs

Police in Malawi said they arrested 140 suspected members of vigilante mobs that have targeted people accused of vampirism, clamping down after a wave of attacks in which at least nine have been ly......   | Read..
THE LADY AND THE DRESS: First Lady Melania Trump stands next to the gown she wore to...   | Read..