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Books  /  Published 10.09.20

A different kind of melody: Makers of the mrdangam

But Sebastian & Sons is much more than a mea culpa exercise in excavating the forgotten histories of the makers of the mrdangam; in his book, Krishna goes to great lengths to t...
By Samantak Das in

Books  /  Published 03.09.20

The wonder world of animal behaviour

The resultant trivia is not trivial. Even the discerning human may not know that the octopus is allergic to canoodling, simply because the males can end up as a tasty treat for the larger, aggressive ...
By Uddalak Mukherjee in

Books  /  Published 27.08.20

What the new education policy does not say

The irony is that the globalized economy, which is responsible for the impoverishment of rural communities necessitating migration, may also create newer employment opportunities for the migrants. It ...
By Sutanuka Ghosh in

Books  /  Published 27.08.20

Pilgrims’ progress: English forefathers of the States

Turner’s book alternately affirms and challenges both critics and devotees of the Pilgrim Fathers. He prods his readers to reflect on the reasons why we need to retrieve Plymouth Colony from bot...
By Madhumita Mazumdar in

Books  /  Published 20.08.20

Lingering questions: Middle Class, Media and Modi

Prabhu, of course, is aware of the differences. This is why he reminds us that the middle class is not a monolith and that there are different kinds, such as the Bengali middle class, Dalit middle cla...
By Shaikh Mujibur Rehman in

Books  /  Published 13.08.20

Rajiv: death of a vision

In the international arena, his relations with the Pakistan premier, Benazir Bhutto, the Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Chinese strongman, Deng Xiaoping, reveal the astonishing rapport he h...
By Raziuddin Aquil in

Books  /  Published 13.08.20

The war on truth: Fake News and Free Media

Subjectivity had always played an important role in the agenda-setting of news, but after these wars, Seneviratne argues, it underwent a major shift — the Northern “libertarian” medi...
By Deeptanil Ray in

Books  /  Published 31.12.18

Voices we most needed to hear in 2018

The lists are coming out of the woods. They are great reminders of what worked and what didn’t in the year just gone by. But this one’s not a Best Books of 2018 list. Some of these titles were, in...
By Sayantan Ghosh in

Books  /  Published 28.12.18

Non-fiction titles for your 2018 FOMO list

Is Capitalism Obsolete? A Journey through Alternative Economic SystemsBy Giacomo CorneoWhat is wrong with capitalism is fairly discernible. The inequities that it has created and nurtured are morally ...
By The Telegraph in

Books  /  Published 21.05.20

Brahmaputra: A life beyond its waters

I like to believe that “Luitor pani jabi o boi (Go flowing on, waters of the Luit)”, a song by Assam’s foremost cultural icon, Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, is still one of the first songs someone lear...
By Rongili Biswas in


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