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Tuesday, November 21, 2017



Like everything else, chit funds are supposed to have a millennia-long history in India. But they can be traced with certitude to Syrian Christian merchants settled in the late 18th century by Raja Rama Varma IX in Thrissur. Chit funds continue to......   | Read..

Strike a pose

It is time Arvind Kejriwal made the bhujanga asana compulsory for the residents of the National Capital Region. A rather contorted pose that involves lying down on one's st......   | Read..


If the noxious smog smothering north India has robbed Delhi of its once splendid winters, the Union government's disdain towards democratic niceties and necessities threate......   | Read..

The War Drums

"When all the Arabs and the Israelis agree on one thing, people should pay attention. We should stop this Iranian takeover," said Israel's prime minister, Benjami......   | Read..

Oh, we are such a vexed people

Strange and wasteful things have a way of filling up vacant spaces. Spot an empty mind and you'll likely find the devil's already moved in. Or look at the White House. Or e......   | Read..

Who's that girl in my hijab?

In August 2014, I was new to American life. As someone born and raised in Kashmir, my identity was always political. Introductory classes were a challenge. "So where a......   | Read..


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is what you should chant when you salute Bang-lar Rasogolla. GI ho! It don't matter if you prefer the golden grainy mihidana, or the kheerka......   | Read..

Asking Alexa

I asked a black cylinder to play BBC Radio 4 and listened with reverent awe as it did. Then I recovered my poise and thought, so what? Yes, it was magical that an inert thi......   | Read..

Dead woman talking

Vladimir Putin must be quaking in his boots. Theresa May is threatening to expose him. Even while lurching from catastrophe to crisis, Britain's beleaguered prime minister ......   | Read..

Big problems

Three big-ticket productions on national tours all converted their prose sources into lightweight theatre. Prime Time's Salaam, Noni Appa, dramatized by Adhir Bhatt from Tw......   | Read..

A wicked problem

Two recent news items regarding India and climate change are cause for concern. The first is the vulnerability of India in the Global Climate Risk Index 2018. India has suf......   | Read..

An ethical intervention

The modifications of the procedures and rates of the goods and services tax have, quite predictably, drawn sharply partisan responses. This is not surprising in view of the......   | Read..

Up in smoke

Through the past few winters Delhi witnessed its worst air pollution hazards. In general, the capital features pretty high up on the global air pollution list. According to......   | Read..

The price of freedom

Journalism is exciting; the constant news cycle gives one an adrenaline rush. For Pakistani journalists, there is always something to talk about, some new 'breaking news', ......   | Read..

When heritage is battered by rain

Every monsoon, Indian cities seem to partake in their own little hedonistic contest by vying for the much-coveted trophy of 'Maximum historic building collapses'. Competiti......   | Read..

Fulfilling spaces

There is something quite wonderful about a space where people can really get down to work without obstacle, hindrance or distraction. You can sense this energy when you ent......   | Read..

Autonomy matters

It might be tempting to view the prime minister's vitriolic attack on the former Union minister, P. Chidambaram, for his remarks on Kashmir last month as election-time rhet......   | Read..

Crossing paths

Even as a host of corruption cases in high places within our political, administrative, security and corporate systems wind their way through the labyrinthine legal process......   | Read..

To the gas chamber, you termite

Not everything can be about Mahadeb. Not when he has forsaken his calling, left his votaries forlorn and proceeded on furlough with no forwarding address or the faintest id......   | Read..

In my marine memory, a sub

As our bus glides into the harbour by the waterfront that links Germany to the Baltic Sea, an azure autumnal sky engulfs us like a welcome embrace. Cries of seagulls fill t......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Health first

• Sir - It has been reported that eggs are still not a part of the mid-day ... | Read»

Sweet success

Well done

• Sir - The chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, should be lauded for lau... | Read»

Parting shot


More chains

Things usually get worse before they get better - if they ever get better, that is. Few might understand the truth of this statement more than the beleaguered media in Indi......   | Read..

Details out

All governments tend to laugh off people's fears at new policies as paranoia; this government, lacking humour, shouts them down with rhetoric. That may be a little out of p......   | Read..

The hills are alive

The quietude of the twilight at the picturesque confluence of the Beas and Parvati was shattered by a sudden fusillade. Was it a belated Diwali celebration, we wondered. It......   | Read..
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Breathing life into myths
Nothing stimulates the imagination as does a lost location. Lost cities, valleys, islands and even civilizations - of the Incas, for instance - have gifted writers with mystery, adventure, spooky t......   | Read..
Paperback Picking

Magic is real

In focus
• The three Tagores - Rabindranath and his two nephews, Gaganendranath and Abanindranath - highlighted in the exhibition, The Tagore Triad (on show at Akar Prakar till November 25) were deeply......   | Read..