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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


A light in the dark

It is so utterly dark that you need to reassure yourself that you possess a right hand by reaching out and touching it with your left. The others who are gathered with you are absent presences - they cannot be called 'shadowy presences', for there......   | Read..

Festivity, populism and power

Those who fret that community pujas in Calcutta are getting highly politicized must remember that they had been started in 1910 to support a political ideology. The first c......   | Read..

Race for the new

Innovation is the most powerful force behind material progress; it increases productivity of people and resources, and introduces new products and techniques. Advanced coun......   | Read..

Get the smell right

When the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in 2014, the apprehension in academic publishers' minds that sales of liberal and Left books might suffer was offset by the as......   | Read..

Grey eminences

Four senior Supreme Court judges have just accused the chief justice of India of misusing his prerogative as master of the roster. Unlike the US Supreme Court, where the ni......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Ugly pursuit

• Sir — The deplorable spectacle of Jallikattu has taken place once again, ... | Read»

Stand at ease

• Sir — The apex court has now ruled that cinema halls may decide whether t... | Read»


Look again

The Supreme Court's recent decision to revisit its 2013 verdict upholding the sanctity of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is a welcome step. The section criminalizes c......   | Read..

Lesson learnt

Some directions that evolution takes may be disconcerting. At the 65th meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education, a government panel headed by the minister of stat......   | Read..

Be the best

Expectations often do not match reality. Presidency University's latest predicament is a near perfect example of that dilemma. A number of suggestions and counter-suggestio......   | Read..
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Breaking the myth
AN APPRAISAL OF THE MAHATMA'S LEGACY By Rajmohan Gandhi, Aleph, Rs 499...   | Read..
Language of art
A SITE-SPECIFIC INSTALLATION, VICTORIA MEMORIAL, CALCUTTA, 1998 By Vivan Sundaram, Tulika, Rs 1,950...   | Read..
Ten thousand thundering typhoons
Great Snakes! It has been 88 years since the Belgian boy journalist, Tintin, first made an appearance. The young scribe was not exactly an instant success but his enduring appeal has ensured that m......   | Read..
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Smells like fear