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Books  /  Published 11.06.20

Lives in history and myth

Winrow seamlessly connects the fortunes of one family with the history of the places they inhabited and the events that changed their lives. For instance, there are delightful forays into the origins ...
By Srimoyee Bagchi in

Books  /  Published 11.10.18

Life and times of Dalit Mang activist Eknath Awad

Strike a Blow to Change the World by Eknath Awad has been translated from Marathi by Jerry Pinto. It chronicles the life and times of Awad, a Dalit Mang activist — a rare species indeed — who...
By The Telegraph in

Books  /  Published 25.10.18

Looking east, India is pulled in two directions

From his vantage point as a neutral third party (but very French) observer of India’s foreign policy, Frédéric Grare, south Asia scholar, former French defence ministry official and security affai...
By Gautam Mukhopadhaya in

Books  /  Published 31.01.19

A new way to look at the US in South Asia

As Srinath Raghavan writes the history of the US in South Asia in The most dangerous place: A History of the United States in South Asia, his story begins from the early 19th century, when South Asia ...
By Anindya Jyoti Majumdar in

Books  /  Published 28.01.19

When China and India were surprisingly similar

What China and India Once Were: The Pasts That May Shape the Global Future, Edited by Sheldon Pollock and Benjamin Elman, Penguin Viking, Rs 799...
By TCA Srinivasa Raghavan in

Books  /  Published 17.01.19

Who does the Indian Constitution protect?

By TCA Srinivasa Raghavan in

Books  /  Published 08.03.19

What literary giants wrote to their publishers

Dear Mr Murray provides a behind-the-scenes tour of the publishing industry and the curious love-hate relationship of authors and publishers. Some letters are full of complaints: Jane Austen, among ot...
By Srimoyee Bagchi in

Books  /  Published 08.03.19

Fukuyama augurs apocalypse of 'identity politics'

In the early Nineties, Fukuyama shot to fame with the End of History — a doomsday text more cited than the Communist Manifesto in post-Glasnost cultural studies, seldom read. In 2001, he made a brie...
By Deeptanil Ray in

Books  /  Published 14.12.18

Books 2018 made popular

By Shrestha Saha in

Books  /  Published 09.05.19

Should menstruating women stay away from places of worship?

The Sabarimala Confusion: Menstruation across Cultures — A Historical Perspective By Nithin Sridhar, Vitasta, Rs 895...
By Nayantara Mazumder in


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