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Entertainment  /  Published 01.07.20

Season 3 of Dark: The perfect endgame

It’s not enough to just be a fan of Dark. To fully appreciate the show, loaded as it is with chaos and complexity, mind-bending twists and jaw-dropping turns, one needs to be a student of Dark, ...
By Priyanka Roy in

Entertainment  /  Published 29.05.20

Snowpiercer: Timely and largely thrilling

Snowpiercer aims to be in a space too close for comfort. Its post-apocalyptic narrative is set in 2021 (yes, just a few months away) in a world that’s actually ended seven years ago. “First, the w...
By Priyanka Roy in

Entertainment  /  Published 26.08.19

Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why: #Fail

If you saved a penny every time a character uttered the word “secrets” in Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, you would have made enough to stash away in a couple of Swiss bank accounts. After every few s...
By Priyanka Roy in

Entertainment  /  Published 23.01.20

'The Forgotten Army' is on Amazon Prime Video

The Forgotten Army makes you think. How will those who fought till the last drop of blood and their final breath for the freedom of the India they dreamt of, react to the India we have today? How will...
By Priyanka Roy in

Entertainment  /  Published 14.06.20

Shark Tank is back with season 11

The formatThe show features a panel of investors called “sharks,” where enthusiastic entrepreneurs come and pitch their start-up business for a potential fruitful partnership with the sharks. In r...
By Ushnota Paul in

Entertainment  /  Published 20.04.20

Definitely, Four More Shots Please!

The girls are back. And so is angst and heartbreak, love and loss, moments of joyous pride and extreme mortification, and all that which goes into defining and redefining a woman’s needs and wants. ...
By Priyanka Roy in

Culture  /  Published 17.11.18

Why it’s dope: Binge-watching Narcos: Mexico

By Saloni Meghani in

Entertainment  /  Published 25.09.19

Shot stunningly, Bard Of Blood is worth a watch

I’ll never pause again, never stand still...Till either death closed these eyes of mine or fortune given me measure of revenge— William Shakespeare The bard’s indelible words in Henry VI, Part I...
By Priyanka Roy in Calcutta

Entertainment  /  Published 24.09.19

The Family Man is a spy show with a difference

There is also the constant misdirection, which fuels this twisting narrative. If Srikant is misleading his family about his work, the show also repeatedly leads the viewer down first one garden path a...
By Jai Arjun Singh in


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