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Opinion  /  Published 15.11.21

Marital woes

The prevalence of child marriage in India lays bare the twin failures of the State. The first is a low score on the Human Development Index. Pervasive child marriage leads to a high school drop-out ra...
By Sudip Chakraborty

Opinion  /  Published 11.11.21

Social capital: women

Social bonding makes life easier, but this perfectly natural association is far from democratic. In fact, according to a study by a World Bank economist, a large number of Indian women are deprived of...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 10.11.21

Bottled message: prohibition

It has taken the death of 37 people from drinking spurious liquor in three of Bihar’s districts — five people lost their eyesight and many others fell seriously ill — for the chief m...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 08.11.21

Model that ignores messy truth of citizens’ lives

The Indian government has taken umbrage at the Global Hunger Index ranking India 101st among 116 countries, below Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, with the world’s highest child wasting rate amon...
By Sukanta Chaudhuri

Opinion  /  Published 24.09.21

Clinching proof: Demographic imbalance

Sudden demographic imbalances among religious communities in a heterogeneous society can lead to social and political tensions. The conclusion of a report by the Pew Research Center that the populatio...
By The Editorial Board


Opinion  /  Published 30.08.21

Follow the Dhaka model

Bangladesh has gone ahead of India in many respects in recent years. Its GDP per head is now higher than that of India. To put this in perspective, on average, a Bangladeshi earns 51 per cent more tha...
By Soumitra Ghosh

Opinion  /  Published 04.08.21

Dual challenge: Anaemia and stunting

India’s health crises are multipronged, even though the focus of policy interventions and public attention remains trained on the Covid-19 pandemic. Household surveys conducted by the Union gove...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 16.07.21

Covid: Go to war armed with data

The death toll in the second wave of the Covid crisis in India has garnered international attention because of its sheer number. In spite of the paucity of Covid-19-related data in India, even a curso...
By Sabir Ahamed

Opinion  /  Published 21.06.21

Mixed Bag: Gender imbalance

Progress seldom follows a linear pattern; new challenges are created with every hurdle that is crossed. This would be the correct inference to draw from the findings of the annual report of the Civil ...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 15.06.21

Easily solved: Population control

The Bharatiya Janata Party evidently has its own notion of people’s power. It is supposed to function after a BJP government has done its bit according to its agenda. The statement of the chief ...
By The Editorial Board


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