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Arts  /  Published 25.09.21

It rained melody

Banyan Tree presented Barkha Ritu in Bangalore, which showcased violin and slide guitar performances by R. Kumaresh and Debashish Bhattacharya as well as a vocal recital by Venkatesh Ku...

Arts  /  Published 11.09.21

Hear the music play

The amazing potential of instruments such as the kamaicha and the sindhi sarangi was amply evident during a digital presentation of western Rajasthan’s desert songs organized by Google Arts and ...
By Samarjit Guha

Music  /  Published 03.09.21

The return of ABBA and disco vibes

One of the most talked about reunions is happening and the music world may get divided over this. After four decades, ABBA is going to release an album — Voyage — on November 5. Two tracks from it...
By Mathures Paul

Arts  /  Published 28.08.21

Soulful instruments

Among the other participants, Pratyush Bandyopadhyay’s rendition of Puriya Dhanashree and Hambir, Vasant Kabra’s Yaman Kalyan and Pilu, and Narendranath Dhar’s Shuddha Nat, Jaijayant...
By Payel Sengupta

Arts  /  Published 21.08.21

Endless melody

One of the highlights of the concert, Amra Korbo Joy, was the actual music space curated wonderfully with the lighting aptly accentuating the moods of the various songs sung or played. This digit...
By Samarjit Guha


Arts  /  Published 31.07.21

Rich and vibrant traditions

Mita Nag, a sincere follower of the Bishnupur gharana, presented a captivating rendition of Raga Maru Bihag. Her take on Maru Bihag was slightly different from the usual, making her recital excep...
By Payel Sengupta

Arts  /  Published 31.07.21

A melodious ode to monsoon

From the very start, Suchhanda Ghosh’s “Amaar praner majhe sudha” struck the heart as deep, emotional and sincere. In a change from her routine style, she turned up the energy, creat...
By Samarjit Guha

Arts  /  Published 22.07.21

Saahil Bhargava’s latest release Kohima

How do you describe the song sonically? It definitely is a rock song that kind of reminds you of the opening of anime theme songs. It’s very fast and aggressive but it’s got a lot of emot...
By Urvashi Bhattacharya

Arts  /  Published 03.07.21

A touching tribute to a beloved poet

The void left by the demise of the poet, Shankha Ghosh, was essayed through readings and songs in an online programme titled Spardhar Janyo by SPCkraft. As usual, Prabuddha Raha’s reassuring voc...
By Samarjit Guha

Arts  /  Published 26.06.21

Fresh notes

Mita Nag’s Piloo also enhanced the celebration of World Music Day in a digital initiative taken by Yatrapath Cultural Society. The listeners were impressed by her maturity and uniqueness. The pr...
By Payel Sengupta


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