Culture  /  Published 01.12.18

A canister beating itself

Bear with me. I begin where I left off.Between the week gone and the week to come, I’ve waited here, on the stage and on the microphone, like well-brought up folks should wait. For their turn. I was...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 21.04.19

I am the Nation

Attention! Rangroots! Attention!! Rangroots! I mean, ahem, Recruits! Attention!!! Where are you? Hain? Silence? Where are you rangroots? I need you. The nation needs you. But I need you more. Didn’t...
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Opinion  /  Published 07.04.19

Jaane kahaan gaye woh din

We are looking. We must look. Because we have been told there is something here to look for. And what better time there is to look but now? Not for Mahadeb, don’t get me wrong. Mahadeb has been gone...
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Opinion  /  Published 24.03.19

Where is the Chow? Kidar hai?

I am having to speak. I am. Not that I imagined I would have to. Not that I wished to. But these are not times of one’s wishing or whim. These are not times that afford the luxury of the uncertainti...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 17.03.19

It is 'chun aao' time

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeep. Yeh aakaashwaani hai. This is All IndiaThatIsBharat Radio bringing you the news. Shhhhhh... zzzzzz... shhhhhhhhh... rrrrrrrzzzzz... The news, read by Mahadeb....
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Opinion  /  Published 10.02.19

Of Bud and Get and the politically incorrect

Get the bud. Get it? Now go get it. It’s out there and it’s simple. Get. Bud. Get. Didn’t get it? Bud followed by Get? Ah. Got it? Now go get the bud, man. Oh, I mean go get the bud, woman. But ...
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Culture  /  Published 24.11.18

Chaiwala and the microphone

We assumed AchchheDin impended. But what we got were KachchheDin; and then we had holes bored into them kachchhe; multiple holes until we did not know we were wearing kachchhe with holes or holes with...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 03.03.19

All is about to come down upon us

So here we are, in another slipstream, it would seem. In a time and place which is not so easily grasped, in a time and place which could be real. Or unreal. Or surreal. Tough to tell what sort of tim...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 24.02.19

Memory of my melancholy lasches

What would we do without our lasches? Ever wondered? Perhaps not, because you had no opportunity or occasion to. A world without lasches? Unthinkable. Why even wonder what we would do without lasches ...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 26.05.19

Do not wake me when it’s done

By Sankarshan Thakur in


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