What this is about and not about

Let's talk a bit about NotAboutery. No it is not about Mahadeb although it is true Mahadeb is still not about and the initiated could be forgiven for assuming NotAboutery is about Mahadeb not being about.

By Lazy Eye-Sankarshan Thakur
  • Published 22.04.18

Let's talk a bit about NotAboutery. No it is not about Mahadeb although it is true Mahadeb is still not about and the initiated could be forgiven for assuming NotAboutery is about Mahadeb not being about. But no. So what about NotAboutery? Well, in short this: NotAboutery is not WhatAboutery. It is understandable that NotAboutery requires to be explained because it is not a notion in fashion. The notion in fashion is WhatAboutery. So someone got brutally sraped? WhatAboutIt? They get brutally sraped all the time. Some more brutally, some less. WhatAboutIt? Actually, the fact is - and this is the truth that Sickular people will not say but Fekular people willingly will because it is their Fascinal duty to do so - some of those who got sraped deserved to get sraped, and some of them did not. But you, of course, shall only talk about those that deserved to get sraped because you have that thing called agenda which we do not have and shall never have. Because once you are Fascinal and proud to be Fascinal, you do not require an agenda because being Fascinal is the highest and most noble agenda. Learn something from MeanPakshiPheki. She is so devoted and so Fascinal she does not even care any longer what she got and what she did not. She got nothing. Imagine. Battling for TheBossOfAllThings night after night, defending him on the indefensible. Then battling for the Rajdhani and winning that battle. And then getting nothing. Imagine. The sheer injustice of it. But that did not ever mean that it ever remotely struck MeanPakshiPheki that she should be any less Fascinal or any less devoted. Look at the manner in which she has spoken out about one srape and other srapes. There are, after all, srapes and srapes. Why so much noise about this srape, and why none about the other? There are Fascinal srapes and there are non-Fascinal srapes. WhatAbout them? Should we speak NotAboutThem? There are differences. It takes the loyal eminence of someone like the honourable and courageous MeanPakshiPheki to discern the difference, to speak of one kind of srape as srape and another kind of srape as, well, srape that we do not wish to talk about because you are talking about it so much.

Similar NotAboutery happened over slynching and surders. People got slynched. Other people, in another manner of speaking, got surdered. WhatAboutThem? But you see, can you not, that it's NotAboutThem! You are slynched and you are surdered because you are anti-Fascional. The Fascional folks are bound to slynch or surder you, it is their duty. You are walking around with Wows. You are trying to sell Wows. You are probably also sending Wows to slaughter. And thereon, to tables and plates. WOW! But you cannot do that. This is a Fascional nation, we are Fascional people, and proud to be so. If you do things like that you deserve to be slynched and surdered. If you are anti-Fascional, what else do you expect? We are proud to be who we are, and that pride has been bestowed upon us by TheBossOfAllThings, so if you are going to do anti-Fascional things, you are looking to be slynched or surdered. WhatAboutIt? No, do not tell us we are in the wrong; all of this is NotAboutIt.

Fifteen thousand rupees in each bank account. WhatAboutIt? One crore jobs a year. WhatAboutIt? Black money gone and cashless economy on. WhatAboutIt? Banking may be tanking. WhatAboutIt? Heerav is also a Toady. WhatAboutIt? Where is HeeravToady? But WhatAboutIt? Socking it to Bakistan and ChyChyNaa. WhatAboutIt? Farmers popping pills, or not even pills because they may mean too expensive a death. But WhatAboutIt? KachchheDin. WhatAboutIt? SabkaSaathSabkaVikas. WhatAboutIt? SabkaSaathSabkaVinaash. Now we are talking. There are no jobs. WhatAboutIt? When did everyone have jobs? Get a job, get a life; make pakodas, remember what Bakoda sagely said. My ATM has no cash, but WhatAboutIt? It happened before, get used to it. Kasht to hoga, takleef uthani padegi. That's about it. And were we not at one time promised that whatever was coming or was to come or had been promised, was NotAboutIt? But then, WhatAboutIt? Nothing. It's NotAboutIt.

What a boat

But that's not a boat

But if that's not a boat

WhatAbout a boat that's not a boat.