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We are a very moving species

So move... chal mere bhai
We have moved homes. We have moved cities. We have moved countries. We have moved the seven seas.
We have moved homes. We have moved cities. We have moved countries. We have moved the seven seas.
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Sankarshan Thakur   |   Published 12.05.19, 03:40 AM

Chal mere bhai, tere haath jodtaa hoon, haath jodtaa hoon tere paaon padta hoon... Chal mere bhai... We have to move on, we must move on. We must nudge each other to move on. Get a move on. We have been here a while. A long while. We need to move on. Chal mere bhai...

But why?

But where?

For what?

What for?

But what sorts of questions are those? Why. Where. What for. Because. Somewhere. For the sake of moving. We move. We are a moving species. Where we have come is from moving. Moving all the time. Even Mahadeb moves. He moved, didn’t he? He went away. Inexplicably. Unexpectedly. Abruptly. In one night’s darkness. It’s been a while he moved. To where we still have no clue, but move he did.

So move... Chal mere bhai. Nothing comes from not moving, even the grass under the a.. oh, better not make a mention of such posterior portions here, although they are so all over and in the face these days. Anyhow, the point is that even the grass under the a.. — ohoooooooh! again — begins to stop to grow after a period of not moving. So move. Like we always have moved.

Even before we invented the wheel we moved. Albeit a bit slowly, but we moved. We moved continents, from sweaty darkened forests to cold open grasslands; we scaled frozen ranges; we cut through waterways perilous and placid; we marked seas and oceans with zig-zag traces; we trudged through deserts; we moved before the continents moved. We are movers. Drifters. We found a purpose to move and we moved. In search of food, we moved. In search of space, we moved. In search of greener pastures, we moved. To gather greater riches, we moved. To deprive others of riches, we moved. In pursuit of love, and mostly lust, we moved. For commerce or for empire or both, we moved. Or moved others. We have done that too — moved others, or forced them to. We have moved homes. We have moved cities. We have moved countries. We have moved the seven seas. We have moved the seats of thrones. And often we have moved thrones. Or those that sit on them. They are often the most deserving of being moved. And history is replete with those on thrones having been moved from thrones, one way or another. By dagger and sabre, by cannon and gun. Often by the democracy bullet called the ballot.

We have always moved. And we have gotten faster and faster at moving. So move. First the wheel. Then the cart upon the wheel. Then the motor inside it. Then faster. And faster. And faster. And faster and faster and faster. On the waters, a raft. Then a boat. Then a turbine. Then coal. Then diesel. In the skies, glider. Then an engine. Then a plane. Then a jet. Then a rocket. Then a spaceship. Then a satellite. We have moved. Farther and farther. Faster and faster.

Can you remember a time we weren’t moving? Can anyone remember a time when we weren’t going from one place to another, for one reason or the other? It’s with constantly moving that we have arrived where we have. Imagine where we would have been if we had not moved. Perhaps that is not even possible to imagine because we may not know for certain where we first moved from and towards where. But we did.

But there’s more moving to be done. There is no end to this moving. Please know this.

It is not advisable to remain stuck in the same space. It is not possible to remain stuck in the same space. There is a novelty to new spaces. That novelty fades. And that is one of the things that makes us move. The novelty turning old and the search for newer novelty.

Chal mere bhai

Let’s give it a try

The heat’s getting too high

Aur bahut pee lee hai chai.

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