BMM - Eligibility, Specialisations, Scope

Discover all the information you need about BMM including the list of the top Colleges offering Media Studies Degrees in India

What is BMM?

Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) is an undergraduate-level course for a duration of three years. Students pursuing this degree explore the field of Media Communications and Journalism post-completion of this degree.


Specializations for Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)

Listed below are some specializations that students pursuing a BMM degree can opt for:


  • Business Journalism & Corporate Communication

  • Communication and Media, and Psychology

  • Communication and Media, English and Psychology

  • Hindi Journalism and Mass Communication

  • Journalism and Film Studies

  • Journalism

  • Journalism and Mass Communication

  • Journalism and Mass Communication Hons

  • Journalism Hons

  • Journalism, Economics, Psychology

  • Journalism, Optional English, Psychology

  • Journalism, Psychology, and English

  • Journalism, Optional English

  • Mass Communication

  • Mass Communication and Journalism Hons

  • Mass Communication and Videography

  • Mass Media and Communication

  • Multi-Media and Mass Communication

  • Strategic Communication and Journalism Hons


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Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Mass Media

The eligibility for pursuing a BMM degree is as follows:  

  • The student needs to complete his 10 +2 

  • The needs to have an aggregate percentage of 50 to be considered for the undergraduate course. 


Entrance Exams for BMM

Here are some top entrance exams that students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Mass Media degree can sit for: 


Aptitude required for studying BMM 

Following are some skills that students pursuing a Bachelor of Mass Media degree are expected to have: 

  • Flexible mindset 

  • Should be able to overcome their personal biases

  • Persistent and dedicated attitude toward their work

  • Good research skills 

  • Desire to upskill and walk astride with the times


Syllabus for BMM 

Following are the subjects covered during the length of a Bachelor of Mass Media degree: 

  • News reporting and Editing 

  • International Relations

  • Audio Visual Communication 

  • Radio Production and Promotion

  • Television Production

  • Multimedia Journalism 

  • Media Law and Ethics 

  • Advanced New Media 

  • Sports Journalism 

  • Business Journalism 

  • Media and Entertainment 

  • Camera and Lighting 

  • Public Relations 

  • Corporate Communications 

  • Event Management 


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Placements for BMM students 

Mentioned below are some job profiles that students who have completed their graduation in Bachelor of Mass Media get placed in: 

  • Photographer 

  • Journalist 

  • News Editor 

  • News Anchor 

  • News Reporter 

  • Advertiser 

  • Radio Jockey 

  • Video Jockey 

  • PR Professional 

  • Animator 

  • Event Management


Starting Salary for Bachelor of Mass Media

The starting salary for students with a BMM degree in India is between 3.5LPA-13.3LPA depending on their job profile.


Subjects similar to Bachelor of Mass Media

Students with an affinity towards a BMM degree can look at subjects like photography, animation, advertisement, event management, PR, etc.


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