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Entertainment  /  Published 27.06.22

Abir Chatterjee drives ‘Avrodh 2’

Lack of human element Avrodh 2 ticks most of the boxes in terms of storytelling and attention to detail, though the last also stretches it out a little. What the series scrimps on is fleshing out the...
By Saurav Roy in Calcutta

Entertainment  /  Published 11.01.22

The HookUp Plan lives up to its rollercoaster fun ride status!

Elsa might be the protagonist of the show, the unintentionally hilarious ‘little girl’ of the group who needs constant supervision, it is however Charlotte or Cha who steals the limelight ...
By Shrestha Saha

Entertainment  /  Published 10.06.21

Time travel with Tom Hiddleston

Take Loki’s volatility and blustering arrogance. Place him in an unfamiliar situation. Watch the unpredictable play out. If the riotously imaginative first episode of Loki — named after th...
By Priyanka Roy 

Entertainment  /  Published 04.06.21

Review: Season 2 of The Family Man

Suparn Varma, brought in in Season 2 to direct a script written by Raj & DK along with Suman Kumar, hits the ground running. There’s never a dull moment as the action shifts to Chennai, with...
By Priyanka Roy 

Entertainment  /  Published 23.11.20

Mismatched: navigating love and coding

Every genre trope is wrung to its maximum in Mismatched, Netflix’s attempt at a desi Young Adult series, which swings precariously close to almost every title that’s ever been made in this...
By Priyanka Roy 


Entertainment  /  Published 06.09.20

JL50: an idea with many possibilities

Somewhere in the middle of JL50, a character, with a very sceptical look, says, “Aapki kahaani bahut interesting hain, par....” That, in a nutshell, sums up JL50, that employs a back-to-th...
By Priyanka Roy 

Entertainment  /  Published 31.08.20

A watchable hybrid of fact and fiction

An immensely watchable hybrid of fact and fiction, Masaba Masaba is perhaps the kind of entertainment we need for these trying times. It’s a show that’s easy-breezy enough to allow us to b...
By Priyanka Roy 

Entertainment  /  Published 02.07.20

Season 3 of Dark: The perfect endgame

It’s not enough to just be a fan of Dark. To fully appreciate the show, loaded as it is with chaos and complexity, mind-bending twists and jaw-dropping turns, one needs to be a student of Dark, ...
By Priyanka Roy

Entertainment  /  Published 23.01.20

'The Forgotten Army' is on Amazon Prime Video

The Forgotten Army makes you think. How will those who fought till the last drop of blood and their final breath for the freedom of the India they dreamt of, react to the India we have today? How will...
By Priyanka Roy

Entertainment  /  Published 26.08.19

Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why: #Fail

If you saved a penny every time a character uttered the word “secrets” in Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, you would have made enough to stash away in a couple of Swiss bank accounts. After every few s...
By Priyanka Roy


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