Old battles

Book: Land: How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World Author: Simon Winchester Publisher: Harper Pr...

A citizen of the world

Book: Home in the World: A Memoir Author: Amartya Sen, Publisher: Allen Lane Price: Rs 899 “Where ...

Incomplete melody

Book: Finding the Raga: An Improvisation on Indian Music Author: Amit Chaudhuri Publisher: Hamish Hamilton Pri...

The outsider in the charmed circle

Book: India’s Power Elite: Class, Caste and A Cultural Revolution Author: Sanjaya Baru Publisher: Viking...

An empire on the move

Book: The Horde: How the Mongols Changed the World Author: Marie Favereau Publisher: Belknap Price: &poun...

Proteus in the study

Book: Languages of Truth: Essays 2003-2020 Author: Salman Rushdie Publisher: Penguin Price: Rs 799 In Ho...

Books  /  Published 16.12.19

Life in the tea estates of Ooty

Kannan, splendidly clad in the uniform of the Estates and Agency Company, immaculate white trousers and coat with polished brass buttons, was waiting for me when I stepped out of the Blue Mountain Exp...
By M. Ravindran and Saaz Aggarwal

Books  /  Published 11.01.19

Winter in the western imagination

One swallow does not a summer make. But a nesting swallow does. “The Vicario family,” says Gabriel García Márquez in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, “lived in a modest house... topped by two at...
By Bhaswati Chakravorty

Books  /  Published 13.12.19

The humming bug that has bitten one and all

Readers will, in all probability, not remember Wilhelm Kroll, the German scientist, denouncing Gideon Morgenstern, an amateur anthropologist, as a ‘humbug’ in one of Professor Shonku’s adventure...
By Uddalak Mukherjee

Books  /  Published 13.12.19

A scandal in the Raj

Benjamin B. Cohen has been contributing to South Asian history with his books and scholarly articles. A professor of history at the University of Utah, much of his scholarship is devoted to exploring ...
By S.D. Chaudhuri

World  /  Published 11.12.19

Signed Potter book to fetch thousands

Harry Potter first editions have become a profitable business, with a copy of Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets, which was bought for “a penny plus postage” on Amazon, will be sold at auctio...
By Amit Roy in London

Books  /  Published 04.01.19

Time for Narendra Dabholkar's rationalism

In the Prologue, Dabholkar condemns a similar kind of complicity of the educated segments of society, be it the media or public leaders, in spreading — or, at least, not objecting to the spread of ...
By Srimoyee Bagchi

Books  /  Published 07.12.19

Mythology on Christopher Doyle's mind

Christopher C. Doyle has carved a name for himself as the Indian equivalent of Dan Brown, a writer who creates thrillers based on Indian mythology. What sets him apart, perhaps, is that he is not look...
By Shrestha Saha in Calcutta

Books  /  Published 05.12.19

Shirley Jackson: Bringing fiction to life

When The New Yorker published The Lottery — Shirley Jackson’s bone-chilling tale about a murderous ritual in a New England village — in 1948, it received the kind of fan mail that no fictional w...
By Nayantara Mazumder

Books  /  Published 16.11.19

William Dalrymple: An adda on anarchy

As I wait for William Dalrymple by the poolside of the elegant Taj Bengal to talk about The Anarchy: The East India Company, Corporate Violence, and the Pillage of an Empire, I rummage through memorie...
By Debanjan Chakrabarti

Books  /  Published 15.11.19

The pros and cons of a declining population

In Empty Planet, Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson, argue that the global population will decline soon as a result of the rapidly falling birth rate below replacement level (less than two children per...
By Archana K. Roy


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