Diary of a sparkling mind

Book: Policymaker’s Journal: From New Delhi to Washington D.C. Author: Kaushik Basu Publisher: Simon &am...

A dip in the sea of verse

Book: A Map of Longings: Life and Works of Agha Shahid Ali Author: Manan Kapoor Publisher: Viking Price: ...

Meet author Jennifer Niven

All The Bright Places created ripples in the Young Adult (YA) category films on Netflix, delving deep into the...

Saplings and Weeds

Recap: Everyone, barring Zaara, is happy that the usually withdrawn Seher seems to be opening up to Saahil and...

Old battles

Book: Land: How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World Author: Simon Winchester Publisher: Harper Pr...

A citizen of the world

Book: Home in the World: A Memoir Author: Amartya Sen, Publisher: Allen Lane Price: Rs 899 “Where is the w...

Books  /  Published 18.09.18

Zuni Chopra on storytelling of a different kind

By Karishma Upadhyay

Books  /  Published 11.07.19

Gandhi: A man for all times

The process of elimination has led many a luminescent mind towards the truth. Douglas Allen makes effective use of this method, winnowing the chaff from the grain, as it were, to reiterate M.K. Gandhi...
By Uddalak Mukherjee

Books  /  Published 11.07.19

Consequences of human impact on our environment

In a month filled with news and images of searing heatwaves, wildfires, storm surges, cyclones and, nearer home, of the terrifying spectre of endemic drought and the ‘water apocalypse’ in Chennai,...
By Madhumita Mazumdar

Books  /  Published 14.06.20

What’s the ‘Shaadi Story’ going to be?

Indian weddings — from significance of rituals to flamboyance — was the topic of conversation at an edition of An Authors Afternoon hosted by Prabha Khaitan Foundation on Zoom app. The two people ...
By Shrestha Saha

Books  /  Published 12.06.20

Essential reading list for pride month

June, the month of pride, brings with it a compulsory reading list for those looking to explore, understand and enjoy an emotional roller coaster around LGBTQI+ literature. While some are essential re...
By Shrestha Saha

Books  /  Published 27.09.19

The Doll Factory -- A Victorian thriller

The building of the astonishing edifice meant to house the Great Exhibition in London is a visible image of the spirit of the period Elizabeth Macneal captures in her striking debut novel, The Doll Fa...
By Bhaswati Chakravorty

Books  /  Published 27.09.19

A trip with Jim Crow

Colson Whitehead’s book opens with a group of university students excavating a graveyard at the site of a reformatory school called ‘Nickel’, the imaginary counterpart of Arthur G. Dozier School...
By Uddalak Mukherjee

Books  /  Published 15.05.20

Treasures lost and found across time

The lockdown is being treasured by some people. Fans of Leela Majumdar and Satyajit Ray are among them since this period of enforced confinement has led to the discovery of hidden treasures. Sandip Ra...
By Uddalak Mukherjee

Books  /  Published 15.05.20

Sir Salar Jung I: Life and times of a visionary man

Dadabhoy’s biography adopts a fairly straightforward and linear account of the passing of Hyderabad from chaos to ‘modernization’ and ‘progress’ under the stewardship of a man endowed with a...
By Jayanta Sengupta

Books  /  Published 05.11.18

8 Diwali reads with a twist of mythology

What happens when you are compelled to make choices between right and wrong for the well being of the ones you love? Does the moral dilemma rip you apart and or do you emerge stronger than before? Thi...
By Shrestha Saha


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