This ain’t a stunt

Keith Adams, who served as stunt coordinator on the sets of Uma Thurman-starrer Kill Bill, has said he would have been able to prevent the actress’ crash had he been notified about the scene. 

Adams told The Hollywood Reporter that he and his team were not on set as no stunts were scheduled for the day the violent car crash happened. “No stunts of any kind were scheduled for the day of Ms Thurman’s accident. All of the stunt department was put on hold and no one from the stunt department was called to set. At no point was I notified or consulted about Thurman driving a car on camera that day,” Adams said. “Had I been involved, I would have insisted not only on putting a professional driver behind the wheel but also ensuring that the car itself was road-worthy and safe.”

In an article for the New York Times, Thurman had alleged that director Quentin Tarantino forced her to drive an unsafe car as part of a stunt on the sets of Kill Bill, which crashed and injured her. Tarantino, on his part, has expressed regret for Thurman’s accident, calling it the “biggest mistake” of his life. 

The 47-year-old Thurman had posted shocking footage of the crash that occurred on set of the film in 2002 on her 
Instagram account.

The actress can be seen struggling to control the car as she careens off a dirt road and into a tree, with her body then laying motionless and limp in the driver’s seat until she is pulled out by members of the crew. 


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