Parmanu blast

Parmanu stars John Abraham (above) and (top) Diana Penty

Actor John Abraham says he felt de-motivated with the release date of his next film Parmanu not in sight.

He, however, says things have been sorted out and he’s looking forward to the release of the film.

“At one point I was de-motivated. I called my director Abhishek Sharma and told him. He was confident. He said look at the positive side and think of it as good publicity. We are honest people and we motivate each other. The film is like a child and when someone tries to malign it, it hurts. I didn’t want the film to go unreleased. A lot of research has gone into making the film. We met people whom we cannot mention but they made sure our berets were also right. For them the army is sacrosanct. You cannot disrespect. They wanted everything right,” he says.

John feels that more than anything else it is a story that needs to be told.

“Our country is known as a cool nation because of Pokhran that happened on May 11, 1998, at 3.45pm. Abhishek Verma has conceptualised the film. We hope we made a fantastic film. It’s not an anti-Pakistan film but a pro-India film. We don’t want to deviate from that. We are proud (of it) and we want to celebrate,” says John.

As a producer, John has taken the risk of taking up some untouched subjects, be it Vicky Donor or Madras Cafe or Force 2.

“The higher the risk the greater the profits. If you don’t take a risk you will not (be able to) make such films. You have to move on and instead of jogging the pelvic muscles you have to jog your brains too. It’s important to make different films and I am glad that I am getting opportunities because I am a producer too. We cannot make adult sex comedies. I like taking time and I like good subjects. I wanted to do a film with a great subject. We wanted to make an entertaining film not a documentary. When people from my office saw it they felt it was the best film on India. For almost an hour you will not move,” says the actor.


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