Harvey lessons for Hugh

Sexual harassment allegations against some of the biggest Hollywood hotshots rocked the end of 2017 and, according to Hugh Jackman, it should make people more watchful about what is going on. 

The Aussie actor told The Times in an interview: “It’s shining a light in a really harsh and humiliating way that on some level everyone’s involved. Everybody is involved... I think now we all have to go, ‘Hang on, I need to be more proactive’...” 

“I think there’s often been, in the kind of way where a friend of yours is cheating on their husband, and you’re like, ‘I’m not going to say anything about that. This is my friend,’ and actually: no. I think we all need to be a little more on guard, watching what’s going on, protecting, and coming up with real practical solutions,” Jackman, 49, said. 
Producer Harvey Weinstein became synonymous with allegations of sexual harassment after a New York Times exposé of his history of predatory behaviour against women last October. 

The scandal had a domino effect in Hollywood with many powerful men such as Brett Ratner, James Toback, Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Piven facing similar career-ending accusations.


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