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Opinion  /  Published 07.03.22

Letters to the Editor: Children should be encouraged to read more

Ganguly allegedly even made promises to players that he had no business making. The wicketkeeper, Wriddhiman Saha, claimed that Ganguly assured him of being picked for the team. Ganguly is behaving li...
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Opinion  /  Published 06.03.22

Letters to the Editor: Food a tangible way to preserve many cultures

Home, sweet home  Sir — The World Monuments Watch has listed Tiretta Bazaar as one of the 25 heritage sites of extraordinary significance facing pressing challenges. Most immigrant commun...
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Opinion  /  Published 05.03.22

Letters to the Editor: After the 'Great Resignation' a rethink?

Seize another day  Sir — Last year, many people quit their unsatisfactory jobs. This phenomenon came to be known as the ‘Great Resignation’. But a large number of them have sin...
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Opinion  /  Published 04.03.22

Letters to the Editor: Standing up to social media bullies is welcome

  Be kind Sir — Anyone who has grown up in the age of social media has been forced to deal with negative comments from strangers on their feeds. The comments section is a playground for v...
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Opinion  /  Published 03.03.22

Letters to the Editor: Yes, women have the right to rage

Right to rage Sir — Anger is typically defined as a strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or aggression. It is, however, also a critically useful emotion — anger is often the human res...
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Opinion  /  Published 02.03.22

Letters to the Editor: Work-life balance is a pipe dream for Indians

Different realities Sir — Belgium has announced that it will be offering employees a four-day workweek as part of the changes in its labour laws. Although employees will have to work for 10 hou...
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Opinion  /  Published 01.03.22

Letters to the Editor: 'Melas' need to saved, for culture and livelihoods

Lost charm Sir — There was a time when growing up in Calcutta included must-visits to local melas. Few things can match the happiness of eating deep-fried delicacies, enjoying the thrills ...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 28.02.22

Head: Letters to the Editor: The healthy habit of using hand-me-downs

  Old is gold Sir — A survey conducted by the storage marketplace, Neighbor, in the United States of America found that quasi-house arrest made 78 per cent of respondents realize that the...

Opinion  /  Published 27.02.22

Letters to the Editor: In these trying times, switching off can be good

Switch off Sir — For those of us who strive to be polite, text-based digital communication — all those chimes and dings and vibrations — can be extremely demanding. Ignoring a Slack...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 26.02.22

Letters to the Editor: Can stopping people from binge-eating prevent food waste?

Hunger pangs Sir — Mukbangs are videos of people eating massive amounts of food. Some mukbang stars have been accused of spitting out mouthfuls between takes. Such food wast...
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