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Opinion  /  Published 09.03.21

War on cancer

“If I could be anything, I would have wanted to have been the president [who] ended cancer... ,” said a tearful Joe Biden at a gathering in the Rose Garden of the White House when he withd...
By Arunabha Sengupta in

Opinion  /  Published 08.03.21

New role: shift to blended classes

The global pandemic has forced Indian education to go online, arguably for the better. It has compelled teachers to train themselves in technology and hone their skills to keep up with the pressing ne...
By Sreetamaa Gupta in

Opinion  /  Published 05.03.21

Step ahead

Allow me a twist on the popular story of Vikram and Betaal. Life resembles the king with the riddle-loving vampire on his shoulder; it is always you and your baggage. The latter keeps gathering mass. ...
By Shyam G. Menon in

Opinion  /  Published 02.03.21

When they met their mothers

How many of us ever imagine our mothers as young girls? Are they forever just mothers to us? The Chinese are asking themselves these questions thanks to a new movie that’s become the biggest hit...
By Neha Sahay in

Opinion  /  Published 26.02.21

True Value: homemaking

Ahead of the Tamil Nadu assembly elections slated to be held later this year, the actor-turned-politician, Kamal Haasan, announced his party’s manifesto and sparked a debate by backing the idea ...
By Swastica Goswami in


Opinion  /  Published 23.02.21

Lonely lives in the time of a pandemic

The wives of British officials in colonial India — memsahibs, as they were called — wrote extensively about their struggles of living in India. In my study of the literature produced ...
By Ipshita Nath in

Opinion  /  Published 22.02.21

No escape for the Sheikh's daughters

Dubai can be amusing, in a voyeuristic way, for a week or two. Tallest building in the world and the mall with the shark tank, but it’s the people, really. There are a quarter-million expats, m...
By Gwynne Dyer in

Opinion  /  Published 16.02.21

The Himalayas: not in the pink of health

Health of the hills, as ancient tribal wisdom goes, is the wealth of the plains. The Himalayas are not in the pink of health, as several studies have warned. Unbridled human activity is wrecking the e...
By Jaideep Hardikar in

Opinion  /  Published 15.02.21

A love so pure

No pair can be hotter than Amitabh and Rekha on the big screen. “Main aur meri tanhai...” says Amitabh, and Rekha appears. He woke up and found her true. I always wonder, though, why she s...
By Chandrima S. Bhattacharya in

Opinion  /  Published 12.02.21

Notes on change in India

In spite of the dread of a tiny virus, 2020 ended on notes of celebration. A large and significant section celebrated the iron fist that did away with an autonomous Kashmir, corrected the imbalance in...
By Anubrotto Kumar Roy in


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