Vow of a new & better Bobby

Bobby Deol

Bobby Deol says he is raring to go — with a change in attitude towards work and a freshly sculpted physique.

The actor has worked hard on his body and on Salman Khan’s insistence also took off his shirt onscreen for the first time. Asked about it, he smiled and said: “I feel shy, I don’t have the courage, but now it’s a must. So I trained with Salman’s trainer to get back into shape so I could take off my shirt.”

He is candid that he was down in the dumps, but says he has put it behind him.

“I am done with the past. I had taken to alcohol. I love alcohol but I realised that I have to be a responsible son, a husband and a father. My kids are growing up and were noticing things. 

“I have seen my father going through ups and downs. You have to work hard to change the thought process. You feel upset when you are jobless. You have to be positive. I look up to my father and feel why did I ignore that. My children looked up to me. I suddenly gave it all up and started working on my body. That’s when Salman called me,” he said. 

But then again, fitness runs in his family, with dad Dharmendra and brother Sunny Deol being fitness freaks. “My dad is natural,” Bobby said. “He worked hard during his childhood. He cycled for 10km everyday. His diet was good and he would also draw water from the well. Bhaiya was also a sports freak. I was also into sports but I got diverted. I decided I should do something about myself. They saw happiness in my eyes when I signed Race 3.” 

The actor, whose first film was Barsaat with Twinkle Khanna in 1995, says Salman has been the motivator of his life. “Salman has the fire within him. I have known him since I started shooting for my debut venture. We would do stunts and ride horses together. You can be happy when you feel happy from inside, and when you have work you are your happiest. I wonder why I stopped thinking like him. I realised I have as much fire in me… I am not ashamed of what I did. You learn through your heart,” 
he said. 


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