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It’s time for schools to reopen

Your Voice: Are physical classes are far better than virtual classes?
Should we all wait for the vaccine before sending the kids to school?

The Telegraph   |   Published 24.11.20, 02:28 AM


To retain interest

During this time of virtual learning, the lack of peer-to-peer interaction has made online classes seem boring and burdensome. Practicals, which are an essential part of learning, can’t be conducted online. Thus, students are losing interest in academics.


Ritesh Narayan Das,

Class X, Adamas International School, Calcutta

Missing friends

Schools are for more than learning and writing examinations. Children are waiting to run in their school playgrounds, hop onto the swings and high five their friends. They are never happy about being kept away from school for a long time.

Nikita Anand Poddar,

Class X, Carmel Convent School, Durgapur

Internet issue

A large section of students in India do not have access to an Internet connection or a smartphone that will enable them to attend online classes. As a result, they are unable to cope with their studies.

Ankita Bakshi,

Shri Shikshayatan College,


If temples can open

Not every student learns well from a screen. Without classroom assessment, children are in danger of learning false concepts. Moreover, unhealthy practices during online examinations are common too. If we can open temples and mosques, then why not take proper precautions to ensure that schools reopen for a more literate future?

Shuvrojit Das,

Class X, Vivekananda

Mission School, Calcutta

Midday meals

It’s time for the schools to reopen because online classes can never be a substitute for a normal classroom for a very long time. Initially, when the online classes commenced, students attended them enthusiastically and sincerely. But now that it’s already more than six months of staring at the computer screen, students are losing interest, which is resulting in low attendance. Moreover, online classes are only for a privileged few. There are millions of children in rural areas, who are from poor families. They really rely on the schools for the midday meals that they get. 

Srijita Talukdar,

Class X, Delhi Public School, Newtown, Calcutta

Fate of staff

Many teachers and non-teaching staff are losing their jobs simply because the schools are not able to pay them. The fate of many more such people, who are often the only earning members of their families, is also hanging in the balance. This situation calls for the resumption of in-person classes.

Soumyadip Banerjee,

First year, Gurudas College, Calcutta


Wait for vaccine

During this pandemic situation, people need to stay healthy and alive more than they need an education. And now that the number of Covid-19 infected and deaths is increasing day by day, a decision to open schools and colleges is very wrong. We should all wait for the vaccine.

Neel Ganguly,

First year, K.K. Das College, Calcutta

Health matters

Of course, physical classes are far better than virtual classes but not at the cost of lives. Moreover, small children are the most vulnerable and may not follow the safety norms properly. Eventually, this will help the virus infect more and more people.

Abhilash Mandal,

Class X, St. Augustine’s Public School, Howrah



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