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  • Published 10.08.05

Old is gold

As part of the 175th year celebration of the Scottish Church College, a cultural evening was organised by the former and present college staff at Rangana Theatre on July 31. Students too participated in the glorious evening. Manoj Mitra, the famous playwright, director and actor, and an ex-student of the college, was felicitated on this occasion. After the felicitation, we staged a play based on Ogo Badhu Sundari, that starred Uttam Kumar and Santosh Dutta.

The play was a huge hit and the performance of the teaching and non-teaching staff was highly appreciated.

Ranit Dasgupta, department of political science, Scottish Church College

Meeting a legend

On July 18, aspiring journalists of the new batch of our college had the opportunity to interact with Dr Mario R. Garcia, a legend in the field of journalism and the CEO of Garcia Media. He is credited with designing famous newspapers around the world including The Wall Street Journal and The Hindu.

During his lecture session, he stressed that in journalistic writing ?less is best? as an eye-track research has suggested that new media consumers are mere ?scanners of newspapers?. According to him this is both the ?best? and the ?most challenging? time for journalists and that now one ?just cannot survive writing narratives?, one needs to be a ?storyteller?.

He also told the students to approach criticism in a professional and practical manner and not to give up at any point. The 2006 session of Asian College of Journalism (ACJ) has certainly got off to a flying start.

Anagh Pal, 2006 batch, Asian College of Journalism

Destination West

It was a lazy Sunday morning on July 30. The weather was gloomy and it was drizzling when we reached Gorky Sadan to attend the Princeton Review seminar on ?Destination Abroad ? Test Taking and Applications? presented by Careergraph. It was a packed house. The speaker gave us invaluable advice on cracking the GRE, GMAT and SAT.

She gave hope to even average students by stating that the tests were all about techniques and strategies and not about content. Like so many others, it has always been my dream to go to the US to pursue my MS degree. However, the whole process of applying to foreign universities had always seemed like a daunting task. But now, thanks to the seminar, I think I know the path I should take to realise my dream.

Swarup Dutta, Calcutta University

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