Weekend Reads
People  /  Published 03.06.22

A few Bengali must-reads, recommended by Anupam Roy

Bibliophiles rejoice!...
By Pooja Mitra

Opinion  /  Published 03.04.22

If upon us dropped a chunk of sky

We sprouted in some dark corner but quickly spread across, like Covid or some such...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 24.01.21

All you who bleed tonight

We have our ways, we can infuse purpose into those you believe have lost purpose. Trust us. We will find uses. We have become good at it. Didn’t you hear?...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Entertainment  /  Published 13.09.20

New normal hiccups

There’s a short five-day shooting schedule that’s been held up and waiting for Arjun though he’s aware that getting back his normal energy levels is going to take a while...
By Bharathi S. Pradhan

Opinion  /  Published 13.09.20

What passes and what does not

This earth of ours, what did we do to it? What did we beget? Who did we beget? Who we did beget has now gotten us. And what we did beget is part of the ugliness...
By Sankarshan Thakur


Entertainment  /  Published 14.03.20

Dream MP

When nobody solved the problem of a group of pensioners, Hema used her clout and took them to the Prime Minister...

West Bengal  /  Published 14.03.20

India's first municipal archive

The digitised municipal archive was launched in 2017 with copies of the Calcutta Municipal Gazette...
By Upala Sen

Arts  /  Published 14.03.20

Your grief, my brief

Speaking to an artist about an exercise in empathy ...
By Manasi Shah

People  /  Published 14.03.20

A man who has everything to hide

Nandi calls himself a first-generation tanner, but sitting in the hall of his factory, it occurs that that is just a technicality...
By Moumita Chaudhuri

India  /  Published 14.03.20

Run, Rahul, run

The former and could-be president of the Congress party is only causing it harm with his baffling intransigence ...
By Sankarshan Thakur


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