India  /  Published 24.03.19

Own clothes, jail food for Nirav

Nirav Modi will be desperately hoping he gets bail when he reappears at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court on March 29 because the last five days he has spent in Wandsworth prison in southwest Londo...
By Amit Roy in London

Opinion  /  Published 29.07.19

Dishing out diversity

Sir — It has become commonplace for the Bengali bhadralok to express a virulent distaste for anything vegetarian. Yet Bengal has a rich tradition of serving a variety of such dishes; items like fish...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 18.10.18

Titli's trail of destruction in Odisha and AP

Sir — Cyclone Titli, which clocked wind speed up to 165 kilometre per hour, left behind a trail of destruction in parts of coastal Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Over 20 people are dead owing to the cyc...
By The Telegraph

Education  /  Published 14.10.19

Imposing a veg diet in schools will hamper nutrition

YESHealth benefitsA non-vegetarian diet includes meat, eggs and fish. It has several health benefits because this type of food is rich in protein and Vitamin B. Non-vegetarian food strengthens our mus...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 23.06.19

Fake meat will save us

I plopped down in the sports bar Thursday to watch World Cup soccer and eat my first fake meat burger. I don’t mean to slight the surging U.S. women’s team, but the plant-based protein slab made ...
By Timothy Egan / New York Times News Service


Opinion  /  Published 24.01.20

The month of carrots

Old Janus, the Roman deity after whom the first month of the year is named, has reasons to feel slighted. Mankind, it appears, is hell-bent on stripping January of its divine association –— all fo...
By The Editorial Board

Health  /  Published 03.03.20

A guide to eating less meat

For all of my adult life, I’ve revelled in rare steaks and oozing Camembert. Yet over the past few months, I’ve cut way down on my lamb chops and grilled cheese sandwiches. And if you’re a meat-...
By New York Times News Service

Education  /  Published 13.08.19

It is not ethical to eat meat, is it?

NoWay of NatureOver the ages, humans have developed a time-tested and balanced omnivorous diet, which includes the meat of selective domestic animals. Nature has developed us that way. Meat is a signi...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 25.10.19

Curing non-vegetarianism: Why stop at cows?

Nightmares do not happen to pure souls. They cannot. Yet the pure-hearted hordes that are willing to kill human beings should they utter one word of disrespect about entities that the hordes vociferou...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 25.01.19

Medical report on diet evades issues of choice

The way to the heart is, apparently, through the stomach. Would that, then, mean that food habits all over the world have to change, given that cardiovascular diseases — the result of an unhealthy d...
By The Editorial Board


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