Us Elections 2020
Opinion  /  Published 12.07.21

Telling tales: The American story has atrophied

Great nations thrive by constantly refreshing two great reservoirs of knowledge. The first contains the knowledge from the stories we tell about ourselves. This is the knowledge of who we are as a peo...
By David Brooks

Opinion  /  Published 25.01.21

Stroke of luck: Biden's race to presidency

Joe Biden is thrice-blessed. Not only did he win the Democratic nomination and then the presidential election, but as a result of the events of January 6, he has taken office when the Republican Oppos...
By Gwynne Dyer

Opinion  /  Published 25.01.21

Steady course: continuity integral to Indo-US ties

In a previous piece in this newspaper, penned a couple of days after election night in the United States of America, I had maintained that irrespective of its outcome, India-US relations would remain ...
By Ronen Sen

World  /  Published 25.01.21

Muslims celebrate US travel ban lift

As the results of the American presidential election rolled in on November 4, a young Sudanese couple sat up through the night in their small town south of Khartoum, eyes glued to the television as st...
By Declan Walsh in Nairobi

World  /  Published 21.01.21

Biden: undoing Trump legacy

Gina McCarthy, Biden’s national climate adviser, said the orders “begin to put the U.S. back on the right footing, a footing we need to restore American leadership, helping to position our...
By Michael D. Shear in Washington


Opinion  /  Published 19.01.21

Positive signs: a lot to look forward to in 2021

The year 2021 brings positivity and optimism. There is a lot to look forward to even though the battle against the virus is not yet over. Countries are still challenged by recurrent infections. But ef...
By Renu Kohli

Opinion  /  Published 11.01.21

US elections 2020: small is big

Last year’s presidential election in the United States of America was extraordinary in many ways. Joe Biden became the oldest person ever to be elected as president; Kamala Harris became the fir...
By Atanu Biswas

World  /  Published 09.01.21

US: not a coup, but not over

Do the actions of President Trump and some of his supporters — including Trump’s effort on Saturday to bully Georgia’s secretary of state into overturning the results of the state&rs...
By Amanda Taub in New York

Opinion  /  Published 08.01.21

Shamed: Capitol Hill attack

A demagogue should have no place in a democracy. Ironically, a democracy can end up electing a demagogue to office. The United States of America, the torchbearer of global democracy, has shown the wor...
By The Editorial Board

World  /  Published 08.01.21

Mob overshadows Georgia win

Democrats gained control of the Senate on Wednesday by winning both of Georgia’s run-off races, an electoral repudiation of President Trump that will give the incoming Democratic administration ...
By Astead W. Herndon and Rick Rojas in Atlanta


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