Health  /  Published 24.11.18

How to age well through exercise

Muscle loss, commonly known as sarcopenia, is the loss of muscle mass with age. It is estimated that both men and women lose muscle mass at a rate of one to two per cent per year and by the age of 80 ...
By Kaushik Talukdar

Health  /  Published 26.02.19

Midlife fitness

Hot flashes. Raging moods. They’re symptoms typically associated with midlife hormonal bedlam. But hormones control so much more, from our energy and metabolism to how we build muscle. Hormonal chan...
By Anna Magee/The Daily Telegraph

Health  /  Published 20.02.19

Fat free

Would you like to turn your body into a fat-burning machine? Then even if you did put on a little weight, it would melt right off you. And no, you don’t have to follow any extreme diet or exercise r...
By Sujata Mukherjee

West Bengal  /  Published 16.01.20

Open-air gym in GC Block park

An open-air gymnasium was inaugurated in GC Park on National Youth Day, the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, on Sunday. The gym has leg press, chest press, arm wheel double and a sit-up and push-up benc...
By Sudeshna Banerjee

Health  /  Published 08.05.19

Plug the leak

The expression “I laughed so hard I wet my pants” is not a just a saying but the harsh reality for a lot of people, especially women. For thousands — if not millions — accidental leaking of ur...
By Chandana Chandra


Health  /  Published 10.04.19

Exercise habits may decide lifespan

A new study offers both hope and a subtle nudge to anyone who has slacked off on exercise in recent years. It finds that if people start to exercise in midlife, even if they have not worked out for ye...
By Gretchen Reynolds/NYTNS

Health  /  Published 29.10.19

Exercise may boost mood for women with depression

For women with serious depression, a single session of exercise can change the body and mind in ways that might help combat depression, according to a new study. Interestingly, though, the beneficial ...
By Gretchen Reynolds / NYTNS

Health  /  Published 24.08.19

Think before signing up at a gym

There are no studies to prove that going to the gym improves fitness faster than walking out your front door. Joining a gym may not be the right option for those who enjoy being outside. Yet again, fo...
By Anwar Wahhab

Health  /  Published 25.04.20

Stronger tomorrow

Immunity is the ability of the body to defend against infection and disease. Multiple cells, tissues and molecules make up our immune system. There are primarily two categories of the immune system:Ar...
By Kaushik Talukdar


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