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  • Published 18.01.07
Playing to the gallery: A ramp show by Serendipity participants at EZCC

Serendipity ‘07, the fourth Globsyn Business School (GBS) fest held on January 6 and 7, 2007, at EZCC Bharatiyam Complex was a lot of fun. From conceptualising and funding to hosting the event, Serendipity is totally organised by the students of GBS. The eclectic mix of events included a corporate summit aimed at capturing the trends of the corporate world and the convocation of the graduating batch. The evenings saw the EZCC complex come alive with music and colour as GBS students took to the stage to perform various cultural events.

The second day started with a mock parliament. Moderated by Rudraprasad Sengupta, students were encouraged to debate on specific topics. Another unique game introduced by the GBS students was the Battle Royale where the aspiring managers from different colleges competed.This game also gave them an opportunity to showcase their finance, marketing, HR and other managerial skills. The day comprised different management games, a fashion show, creative writing, Sudoku, face painting and arm wrestling. The fest ended with a rock nite where the students put on their dancing shoes to jive to the beats of Cactus and Rickterscale.

Souptik Banerjee
PGDM IV, second year
Globsyn Business School

Strumming rite: A file picture of Hobos

High on Hobos

The Hobos performed at the Presidency College fest, Milieu 06-07 on January 7, 2007. The band kept the audience on its feet with classic rock and heavy metal numbers along with some fantastic original compositions thrown in. They mostly played Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, etc, with their Kurukshetra saved for the last. The band’s unique blend of classical notes and modern influences was innovative, to say the least.

Shounak Ghosal
English honours
Netajinagar College


Nostalgia notes

Homecoming 2007, the reunion party organised for the alumni of Birla High School on January 6, 2007, was a time for nostalgia. It was the 10th annual reunion and the present students of Birla High made it a memorable occasion. The class revived memories of those good times. The food was delicious and soon the premises came alive to the music of Dhwani. The enthusiasm and the excitement of the crowd was infectious.

Saurabh Dhanuka
Second year, BCom hons
Bhawanipore College

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