East India Company
Places  /  Published 28.06.22

Church where Charnock lies: Colonial heritage of historic St. John’s Church

What intense deliberations would these walls have witnessed? I imagined an anxious Warren Hastings, sitting and brooding in his chair, surrounded by his coterie all sweating in the heat while they plo...
By Adil Ahmad

Places  /  Published 29.04.22

Canning House: A witness to a historical colonial blunder

The two-storied crumbling brick building has an arched porch and 22 rooms. It is presently under the protection of the West Bengal Heritage Commission, and boards in English and Bengali put up outside...
By Rangan Datta

Culture  /  Published 20.02.22

Why didn’t they ask Roshani Begum?

Imagine the countless stories of women that never got told. So many that even now a story will crawl out of the margins of history and take us completely by surprise. Some years ago, researcher Jenni...
By Upala Sen

Opinion  /  Published 14.02.22

Internal criticism as a moral virtue

Liberalism privileges criticism and dissent. Several statements from the writings of modern Indian thinkers can be scrutinized against the background of the liberal framework. One such statement is: &...
By A. Raghuramaraju

Books  /  Published 11.02.22

Roving heart

Book: John Lang: Wanderer of Hindoostan, Slanderer in Hindoostanee, Lawyer for the Ranee Author: Amit Ranjan, Publisher: Paper Missile Price: Rs 795 In 2010, when the cases of discrimination and v...
By Saurabh Sharma


Books  /  Published 06.02.22

Hicky’s Bengal Gazette, with guts and a spine

Hicky's “vox populi vox Dei” slogan must have touched his readers because many of them came out in his support when he was being hounded by the government. How did the Gazette survive ...
By Sudipta Bhattacharjee

Opinion  /  Published 28.01.22

Historic moment

“To Print — or not to Print — that is the Question.” These opening words of The Printer’s Soliloqui by James Augustus Hicky hold a riveting tale. Tomorrow, January 29, is...
By Sudipta Bhattacharjee

World  /  Published 21.08.20

US: search for Bombay Bidens

When Joe Biden was elected as one of the youngest US senators in 1972, one of the first letters that he received was from Mumbai, with the sender having the same last name as his. About five years ag...
By Lalit K Jha

Opinion  /  Published 09.01.19

Scientifically accurate and exquisitely beautiful

What can art have to do with science? For most people, the essence of science lies in objective, rational analysis of dispassionately recorded data, whereas art is about creativity, imagination and id...
By Nandini Chatterjee

Books  /  Published 15.12.18

How Robert Clive raided India for the Company

In June 1744, the 19-year-old Clive arrived not in Calcutta but in the Company’s oldest settlement, Fort St. George in modern-day Chennai. Here he spent the next two years fidgeting as, seated at a ...
By Alex Rutherford


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