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Opinion  /  Published 18.10.19

Peter becomes Peter 2.0

Impossible, the manufacturer of a popular brand of shoes insists, is nothing. It would be simplistic to interpret this slogan as an innovative advertisement only. The catchphrase is a celebration of t...
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Technology  /  Published 30.06.19

The bot that books a table

On a recent afternoon at the Lao Thai Kitchen restaurant, the telephone rang and the caller ID read “Google Assistant.” Jimmy Tran, a waiter, answered the phone. The caller was a man with an Irish...
By Brian X. Chen and Cade Metz in

Education  /  Published 04.06.19

AI on the future

According to a report published by Accenture, a technology consulting company, artificial intelligence or AI has the potential to add $957 billion — or 15 per cent of the current gross value — to ...
By Omkar Rai in

Opinion  /  Published 26.05.19

The sexism of AI is the sexism of the tech industry

By The Editorial Board in

Technology  /  Published 21.04.19

How to spot a liar

During the summer before the 2016 presidential election, John Seymour and Philip Tully, two researchers with ZeroFOX, a security company in Baltimore, US, unveiled a new kind of Twitter bot. By analys...
By Cade Metz and NYTNS in


Opinion  /  Published 07.04.19

AI is no laughing matter

A robot walks into a bar, but can it be funny? It cannot, according to scientists and linguists who arrived at this conclusion this April Fools’ Day. The realization is not entirely a novel one thou...
By The Editorial Board in

Opinion  /  Published 26.01.19

The '10-year challenge': the Greek vs the Geek

Age is no longer just a number. It is a string of numbers — a series of 0s and 1s (the binary code that machines run on) — that has the potential to change the future. At least, that is what techn...
By The Editorial Board in

Opinion  /  Published 29.11.18

India should prepare for job losses due to AI

Sir — The speed at which jobs are being automated and robots powered by artificial intelligence are replacing human workers is scary. According to a 2017 study by the McKinsey Global Institute, abou...
By The Telegraph in

Books  /  Published 27.02.20

A thinking adventure

By Madhumita Mazumdar in

Business  /  Published 22.01.20

Pichai’s free Net pitch

Google chief Sundar Pichai on Wednesday said the world needs a free and open internet for everyone and hoped that all countries will come together for a common regulatory framework for artificial inte...
By PTI in Davos


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