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The concept of NOTA in elections is useless

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  • Published 30.04.19, 11:50 AM
  • Updated 30.04.19, 11:50 AM
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NOTA needs teeth, say students (Shutterstock)


No legal sanction

I strongly feel that the concept is useless unless rules are framed that if NOTA gets a majority, the election held in that particular constituency should be declared null and void. A second round of elections should then be conducted with fresh candidates. Otherwise, it only implies one is not an absentee in the voting booth, his dissatisfaction with the political parties does not get any legal sanction unless rules are made of its effectiveness.

Ankita Bakshi,
Shri Shikshayatan College, Calcutta

Wasting a vote

Opting for NOTA gives nothing but the satisfaction of upholding our personal opinion. It has no effect on the setting up of the government and, thus, is a waste of valuable votes.

Antarleen Sinha,
The Future Foundation School, Calcutta

Take a stand

I think the provision of NOTA should be done away with in the best interests of the country. The thought of wasting one’s vote by opting for NOTA defies all logic. Our fellow citizens will then be forced to take a stand. The numerous votes (now wasted on NOTA) will also make the voters’ thought process clear.

Iftekhar Ahmed,
Harimohan Ghose College, Calcutta


Negative rating

NOTA is valuable because it makes the government aware of the level of dissatisfaction with the available candidates. The government gains its legitimacy from people’s support so disapproval ratings are equally important in a democracy.

Agnidhro Ganguly,
Techno India Salt Lake, Calcutta

Lack of trust

The number of votes for NOTA indicates the percentage of people who are either dissatisfied with all the contestants or lack trust in the election process.

Purna Dutta,
South Point High School, Calcutta

Exposes flaws

The very concept of NOTA reveals the harsh reality that the masses do not have faith in the ability of any of the nominated candidates. If the honest mass keeps on voting NOTA, it will definitely expose the flaws that our leaders have but enjoy at the cost of democracy.

Soham Ganguly,
WWA Cossipore English School, Calcutta