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Books  /  Published 23.11.21

Exploring dysfunctional relationships

A deep dive into fraught mother-daughter relationships explored through fiction in recent years...
By Shrestha Saha

Books  /  Published 14.11.21

10 habit-breaking books that you must have

Upskill yourself with these reads that will reshape your perspective on the simple things in life...
By Hannah Nicole D’Souza (t2 intern)

Books  /  Published 11.11.21

An Ode to Autumn

Here are 10 Modern-Day Fairy-tale Retellings to Chill with this Winter...
By Hannah Nicole D’Souza (t2 intern)

Books  /  Published 08.11.21

Ten books that you must read

Here’s an engrossing list of novels on our reading list this month...
By Shrestha Saha

Lifestyle  /  Published 13.09.21

Brighten up your child's reading list

From our favourite tales from Thakurmar Jhuli to the chaotic land of animals, here are a few books to add to your little one’s bookshelves...
By Shrestha Saha


Books  /  Published 28.07.21

Make-up reading list for the fashionista in you

Take a break from make-up tutorial videos and appease the inner bibliophile with these books...
By Priyanka A. Roy (t2 intern)

Books  /  Published 27.07.21

Books that delve in present issues

t2 picks nine powerful such books of poetry for you...
By Hia Datta (t2 intern)

Books  /  Published 19.07.21

Fantasy novels that you must read

10 fantasy fiction novels that has something for everyone...
By Faiza Hazarika (t2 intern)

Books  /  Published 14.07.21

Reading list that you must not miss

If dystopian fiction rocks your boat, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss these books...
By Drishti Arora (t2 intern)


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