Margaret Thatcher
Opinion  /  Published 03.09.21

Eye on England: The parallels with Uganda

Footnote The broadcaster, Rajni Kaul, who died this week, aged 93, was married for 63 years to Mahendra Kaul, who was once the face of Asian TV programming on the BBC. Rajni used to joke that her hus...
By Amit Roy

Opinion  /  Published 12.01.21

Troubled legacies: storming of Capitol Hill

In early 1979, the US-backed Pahlavi regime was overthrown in Iran, bringing Ayatollah Khomeini to power. In November '79, Americans in the US embassy in Tehran were taken hostage; a month later, ...
By Ruchir Joshi

Opinion  /  Published 09.01.21

Narendra Modi: wrong image

Narendra Modi’s supporters should be aware that the Indian prime minister’s reputation is being eroded by seemingly casual references in the Western media. Take, for example, Pick of ...
By Amit Roy

Books  /  Published 11.12.20

Grime yields gold

But to imagine that a novel dealing with lives that are often solitary, inevitably poor, frequently nasty, intermittently brutish, and all-too-often short, is bound to make for grim reading will be to...
By Samantak Das

Opinion  /  Published 15.07.20

A finite appeal

Is there such a thing as national character? Does national character explain how our neighbours behave? Biographies of Margaret Thatcher describe her distinctly mixed feelings as news came in of the f...
By T.C.A. Raghavan

Opinion  /  Published 26.07.19

A bad boy among British historians

Stormy petrels seldom have a cache beyond a point. They are rare in today’s universities, normally committed to propriety, or political lackeyism. Their presence in these precincts calls upon instit...
By Hari Vasudevan

World  /  Published 01.12.18

He didn’t flinch from ‘mother of all battles’

In the early hours of August 2, 1990, Iraqi forces under the command of Saddam Hussein rumbled into Kuwait and seized its oil fields. “This is radical Saddam Hussein moving,” Bush wrote in his dia...
By New York Times News Service in Washington

World  /  Published 30.03.20

Boris contradicts Maggie on society

Margaret Thatcher’s notorious assertion over 30 years ago that “there is no such thing as society”, for which Britain’s first woman Prime Minister was pilloried for allegedly endorsing selfish...
By Amit Roy in London

Sports  /  Published 10.09.19

Theresa May’s parting gift for ‘obdurate’ hero

Geoffrey Boycott has been conferred a knighthood by Theresa May, who often compared her own determination not to be ousted from the premiership with the former England opener’s obdurate batting styl...
By Amit Roy in London


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