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Opinion  /  Published 19.08.22

Letters to the editor: Climate change stresses insects, too

Ominous sign   Sir — An analysis of bumblebee wings from a network of institutions in the United Kingdom has indicated that the insects have become increasingly stressed by climate c...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 18.08.22

Creativity vs Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster merger

Read between the lines Sir — The antitrust trial in the United States of America to block the merger of Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster has riveted the industry and raised larger ...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 17.08.22

Dating apps versus traditional matchmaking

Still elusive Sir — Technology has ushered in an immense cultural shift in how we approach love. The emergence of dating apps as acceptable tools for finding a romantic partner has expanded the...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 16.08.22

Letters to the editor: Fatigue is a sort of illusion cooked up by the brain

Just relax Sir — A hard day’s work followed by winding down through aimless scrolling on Instagram or watching trashy television shows may seem like a guilty pleasure. But it could actual...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 15.08.22

Keep it cool: traditional practices to beat the heat

 Keep it cool Sir — India is no stranger to heat. Naturally, it has a long history, public memory and practices for dealing with it too. Some of those traditional practices to adapt to hea...
By The Telegraph


Opinion  /  Published 13.08.22

Letters to the editor: Domino’s pulling out of the Italian market

Go local Sir — One of the raging debates in the culinary world — whether pineapples go with pizzas — seems to have been temporarily settled. The American fast food giant, Domino&rsq...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 11.08.22

Let’s focus on harsh reality of climate change

Real threat Sir — The reality of climate change is becoming impossible to deny. Yet, many governments refuse to recognise the gravity of the threat. Hearteningly, the United Nations General Ass...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 10.08.22

Letters to the editor: The looming danger of nuclear muscle flexing

Critical lesson   Sir — The brutalities of World War II are recalled every year in August on the anniversaries of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. These incidents n...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 09.08.22

Letters to the editor: The reality of Karl Marx’s theory of commodity fetishism

  Food for thought Sir — Socialists have finally caught a break: an unexpected ally to the cause has rallied more people behind the idea of an anti-capitalist utopia than ever before. Pri...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 08.08.22

Are photojournalists not real journalists?

Poor picture Sir — In July, the Calcutta Press Club, the oldest one in the subcontinent, held a referendum to determine if photojournalists are journalist enough to be awarded club memberships....
By The Telegraph


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