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Lifestyle  /  Published 05.02.22

The ultimate A to Z Bengali dictionary

Walk down a lane in Kolkata on a quiet evening and you are sure to hear those dramatic sound effects and sentimental dialogues wafting down from the houses on either side. Sometimes, if you happen to...
By Upasya Bhowal

Opinion  /  Published 07.11.21

The year in a word: Vax

Language is a living, evolving entity. Thousands of new words —as many as 1,100 were incorporated by the Oxford English Dictionary three years ago — are formed and added to language each d...
By The Editorial Board

World  /  Published 02.11.21

Vax is Oxford’s shot in the arm

Apologies to jab, shot and “Fauci ouchie”. Oxford Languages’s 2021 Word of the Year is “vax”. That may seem like a no-brainer. But as with so much about public health, t...
By Jennifer Schuessler in New York

Opinion  /  Published 14.11.20

Lockdown: The year in a word

The realm of language need not be democratic. Thousands of new words are added to, say, English each year: as many as 1,100 were incorporated by the Oxford English Dictionary two years ago. ...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 10.11.20

Right and wrong: Arnab Goswami's arrest

Sir — The manner in which Arnab Goswami was arrested is shocking and condemnable (“Goswami arrested in suicide case”, Nov 5). Goswami is not above the law, but was due process follow...
By The Telegraph


Opinion  /  Published 01.02.19

What 'sedition' means in our time

Words, by their very nature, can be at once transparent and opaque. They may mean something quite different from what they appear to mean. The gap between the perceived meaning and the intended meanin...
By G.N. Devy

Opinion  /  Published 15.11.19

Defying definition: misogyny in the dictionary

What’s in a synonym? She who is called a woman would still be subjected to everyday forms of sexism if she were called ‘baggage’, ‘filly’ or ‘petticoat’. Perhaps that is why these terms ...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 05.05.20

Beyond exhausted binaries

The idea of truth is elusive and contested. Attempts to seek truth take divergent paths and lead to different understandings. Philosophers, scientists, kings, priests, politicians and ordinary people ...
By Nirupam Hazra

Opinion  /  Published 17.11.18

The world, mirrored in Word of the Year

Life, an American philosopher had argued, serves as the dictionary for human civilization. But the reverse holds true as well. The dictionary, a term coined by a gentleman in the thirteenth century, i...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 17.04.20

Give it words

No man is an island, said the poet, all are part of the mainland. So when the bell tolls, it tolls for all — each death diminishes all of humankind. In an ironic reversal of this unforgettable image...
By The Editorial Board


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