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Diwali 2022

Sweets and snacks: Home bakers, cloud kitchens get busy with innovative Diwali hampers

From brownies and cookies to artisanal cheeses and chaats, these home chefs have got you sorted this festive season

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 19.10.22, 03:41 PM
Sweets, snacks and more — these Diwali hampers will make your festive season brighter

Sweets, snacks and more — these Diwali hampers will make your festive season brighter


Diwali is not just the ‘festival of lights’, it also means sharing sweets and savoury treats with your loved ones. Brownies, cookies, dessert jars and grazing boards — Kolkata bakeries and cloud kitchens have created decadent hampers for you to share with friends and family. Guess what? You can get these hampers customised too.

Take a look at all the deliciousness you can now order to spread joy this festive season.



Brookies and more from Cakes It Is

Brookies, brownies, cookies and more — this hamper has something for everyone. With Biscoff and walnut brownies, Taj Barfi squares and the deliciously floral rose and pistachio truffle, this hamper is sure to make the recipient happy. Besides, how gorgeous and festive it looks!

The Pastel Pink box from Frosted Delight

Go OTT with this dessert hamper. This goodie box has dark chocolate cookies, cookie sandwiches, brownies and mendiant. What goes best with desserts? Tea, of course! This hamper also has artisanal tea from Tea Turban. To keep the festivities going, the hamper also has chakris and candles to add light and sparkle to your life this festive season.

4-way Tiramisu Box from Caramella

Who doesn’t like tiramisu, right? Well, this home bakery has the perfect box to make everyone happy. Their 4 way tiramisu box lets you pick from different flavour options and make your own box to dig in with friends and family. Choose from options like Black Forest, Bailey’s, Lotus Biscoff, Triple Chocolate with Jack Daniels and even Ferrero Rocher and Snicker. Delicious, isn’t it?

Homemade Halwa by Chef Rahul Arora

Leave it to Chef Arora to create delicious desserts for you this season. This year, he has come up with different kinds of traditional halwas for you to choose from. Start with the classic sooji halwa flavoured with saffron, cardamom and rose water. Then there’s besan nariyal halwa, which has fresh coconut in it. He is also creating Shakarkand or sweet potato halwa, which has a velvety texture and no flour in it. Gud bajra halwa is a marriage of jaggery and millet. Made with pure ghee, these are desserts that must not be missed this season.

Dry Fruits and Jar Cakes from Vanilla Beans

If you love dry fruits to be a part of your Diwali offerings, this hamper is perfect for you. This home bakery has brought together the joys of homemade chocolate, dessert and dry fruits — all in one. With flavours like Rasmalai, Motichoor and Rose and Mama truffles to choose from, you can customise each aspect of this hamper according to your preferences. Pick from flavours like Tres Leches, Red Velvet or Mocha for your jar cakes.

Taash Party Boards from Mon Petit

If you wanna go all luxe this Diwali, don’t miss out on this home bakery’s dessert platter. All with crackers, cookies, donuts and lots of chocolate, this is the best platter to gift your loved ones. Dip each of the desserts into their chocolate ganache and fruit compote and enjoy! These platters are available in three sizes.

Assorted Platter from Cake It Away

If you want to blend in some sweetness with the savoury, go for this Diwali hamper. From dessert jars to sandwiched brownies in either Biscoff or Belgian chocolate, this hamper is a sheer delight. It also has shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate and savoury buns with pesto, cream cheese or tomato and cheese filling, which adds the much needed umami to this hamper.


Grazing Board from Meraki Cheese

Known for their delectable artisanal handmade cheese, this brand knows how to create a cheesy grazing board for you this Diwali. With nuts, crackers, dips to relish, you can customise the hamper and pick from the number of marinated, seasoned and fresh cheeses.

Burrata box from Rosemary by Varnika

Love burrata? Then, this is the hamper of your dreams. It has fresh burrata cheese, crackles, fruits, focaccia bread and fresh pesto and pomodoro sauces to go with them. Perfect for sharing, this hamper will fill your heart and soul with Italian goodness.

Party snacks from Spoonfuel

If you are hosting a Diwali party, this home kitchen has solutions to all your party needs. Pick from a number of Diwali special snack items, like Pav Bhaji Fondue, Layered Sev Puri Dip, Dal Makhani Filo tarts and so much more. This home chef blends all the flavours with techniques of the west, giving you the best of both worlds.

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