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Artisanal Teas

It’s always time for a tea party with these artisanal brews

From floral teas to matchas, unique blends to classic Darjeeling, brewed hot or cold, these brands are a dream come true for chai lovers

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 26.05.22, 03:40 PM


There is something magical about adding hot water onto tea leaves and watching the colour change from transparent to golden ochre in a matter of seconds. From letting the tea steep to perfection to letting the leaves’ aroma spread through the room, it all constitutes the perfect tea break.

Being grown in the hills, hand-plucked, processed and packaged, the production of tea is a labour of love that artisanal brands are spotlighting, urging tea lovers to try new blends and brews.


Kolkata based Bronsun’s Tea was started in March 2021 by Kumardeep Majumder and Naved Ghani, both of whom had been very closely associated with tea for generations.

“My grandfather was a renowned tea taster and an exporter in Calcutta during his time. My father is also a tea taster and an exporter and has made several contributions to the tea trade. Naved’s grandfather started his tea business on a cycle. What started on a cycle very soon turned to a retail store and went on to become one of the most renowned tea houses in Kolkata,” said Kumardeep.

Bronsun’s Tea creates 100 per cent authentic, certified whole leaf, loose leaf Darjeeling tea, Assam CTC (crush, tear, curl method of processing) and orthodox tea.

“The variants of tea we currently make are dedicated to the revival of this industry, with the prime focus on Darjeeling and Assam teas. We genuinely want to highlight the tea culture that prevails in Kolkata. We make sure that no matter what platform our tea is ordered from, we treat every order like it’s our first and that the customers enjoy every brew they prepare, being highly satisfied with the quality of the product,” said Naved.

“The major change in consumption of the beverage happened during the peak of the pandemic, we feel. Consumers who were new to tea were searching for a beverage that was not only good in taste, but also helped them unwind during those difficult times, which unknowingly also turned them into ardent tea lovers. Educating consumers about the beverage, we feel, is the first step towards awareness, and promoting teas that come from Darjeeling, Assam, Kangra and Nilgiris,” shared Kumardeep.

Some of their most popular teas are Spring Tea Premium Darjeeling First Flush, Summer Tea Premium Darjeeling Second Flush and Roasted Darjeeling Tea.

If you love artisanal tea, here are a few other brands you must try…

The Tea Shelf

If you love fragrant, fresh floral teas, you will absolutely adore this brand. Their blends are perfect to indulge in, hot or iced, and they’re even great to incorporate into desserts like popsicles and custards. The teas are available loose and sold by weight, which gives you the chance to brew your own tea to create a tea as light or as strong as you like.

Our picks: Lavender Earl Grey Tea, Matcha Green Tea and Whiskey Tea

Octavius Tea

Want to pamper yourself with some luxury teas? Then this is the brand for you. Their one-of-a-kind infusions are delightful to indulge in after a long day at work. The brews are fragrant, light and most importantly, incredibly aromatic, which enhances the experience of drinking tea.

Our picks: Cinnamon Anise Tea and Rose Tea

Sancha Tea Boutique

Something delicious and good for your health? Yes, this brand’s teas are just that. With a number of caffeine-free varieties to choose from, these teas have a number of health benefits from de-stressing to keeping your gut healthy. The best part? On their website you can pick a mood emoji based on which they will recommend teas for you.

Our picks: Chamomile Green Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea

Tea Trunk

These teas are fragrant, bright coloured and delicious, and you can infuse them into your boozy concoctions too! Their 100% biodegradable pyramid tea bags provide a great brew and they’re safe for the environment.

Our picks: Blue Pea Flower Tea and Hibiscus Tea

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