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Diwali 2022

Torans, curtains to embroidered cushions — handy tips to get your home Diwali ready

Light up your home like never before with these festive home decor accessories

Subhadrika Sen | Published 14.10.22, 02:57 PM
A range of home decor items on offer for Diwali

A range of home decor items on offer for Diwali


The mega festival of lights is almost here. It’s time to clean, wash and decorate the house with beautiful torans, diyas and lights. After all, there’s nothing like being ‘house proud’ when you host your Diwali party. My Kolkata lists a few spot-on home accessories you’ll need to surprise your guests with.

Bed linen

Washing old linen is the first step towards house cleaning. But for an ultra luxe feel, use a new one instead. You’ll find bed linens in a variety of designs, colours and textures. These are, in fact, very good gift items too. Choose vibrant colors or lighter shades, depending on the furniture of your rooms and mood.


Cushion covers

Cushions can be the ultimate stress-buster when you want to curl up and binge watch your favourite shows. They can also brighten up any corner of the house. So, pick vibrant colors, embroidered patterns or light floral designs. Place a few cushions bunched up together on the bed for ultimate style.


Do away with old thick curtains this festive season. Opt for light and airy ones, which not only give you the much-needed privacy, but also enhances the air circulation. Get your floaty curtains with eye-catchy designs, trims and tassels to lift your mood every time you enter the room.

Wall decor

If you find your walls boring to look at, worry not! For wall decors are here now. Hand-painted plates in all shapes, designs and colours can brighten up your drab walls instantly. From intricate designs to images of Gods and Goddesses, they complete the look of any room. You can keep a cluster of thematic plates in colour-coordinated designs to make the blank spaces on the walls look fuller.

Hand-painted home décor

Instead of fairy lights and diyas, try these lanterns or candle holders that have been painstakingly handcrafted by chitrakaars of Bengal. These colourful items can be placed anywhere in the house — be it on the balcony or puja mandir. You can use them along with alponas and rangolis too.


Investing in the right kind of accessories makes your job a hundred times easier. Select the right pieces that suit the occasion. There are many options available in the market, so it’s up to you to decide what looks best. Make sure the table is elegantly set with the right tableware and flowers, exuding a positive vibe.


Rugs can be placed in any room. Keep them in contrast with the general aesthetics of the room. If your room is bigger and colourful, use grey or ice blue rugs. If your room has a rustic look, then you can team it up with darker colors, like maroon, wine or dark orange.

Indoor plants

If you’re looking for an inexpensive tip to add glamour and aesthetics to your home, invest in lush green indoor foliage. Indoor plants make a room look spacious. Many plants are also good air purifiers and having them at home can be beneficial. Indoor plants can be teamed up with showpieces, oil diffusers, mini fountains and miniatures. You can use water sprays to keep them fresh. It is advised to check with the brands about the maintenance before ordering your house plants.

Silver puja items

With Dhanteras approaching, decking up puja mandirs at home is also an important ritual. Many prefer buying silver items for their puja space. These can also be perfect gifting items during the festive season.


Torans are floral decors which are considered auspicious. While many hang garlands made of real flowers, one can also take the alternate path of using shola torans. They come in different sizes and colours and can also be customised if required. One purchase can be re-used on multiple occasions.

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