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Technology  /  Published 03.05.20

Talk to windows 10

How do I enable speech-to-text on my Windows 10 computer? Mitul Bhuyan With the dictation feature of Windows 10, you can quickly transcribe the words you speak into text on your computer. You can th...
By Surit Doss in

Technology  /  Published 01.03.20

Type in Bangla with Windows 10

I use the Avro keyboard in Microsoft Word 2013 on Windows 10 for writing in Bengali. Whenever I send the file via email, the recipient’s Word crashes when the file is opened. What is the solution? A...
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Technology  /  Published 15.12.19

Get creative with Gmail id to stop spam

Q I receive a lot of spam in my in gmail account and find deleting them very irritating. Is there a way to stop these emails?Madhu Sudan Muskara You do not have to delete emails in the spam folder. Th...
By Surit Doss in Calcutta

Technology  /  Published 18.11.18

Save Airpod batteries, upgrade Windows & choose the right iPhone

I find that the battery drains very quickly on my Apple Airpods. What should I do?Trisha Shah The best way to recover from battery-drain is to reset the Airpods. On your iPhone, go to Settings—Bluet...
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Technology  /  Published 28.04.19

Share files without pesky apps

If you have been updating your Windows 10 PC regularly, your computer is now on par with a feature that has been available on Macs for a while. Nearby Sharing puts your PC in league with Apple’s Air...
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Technology  /  Published 31.03.19

Is someone snooping on you?

Peeping Toms are an irritation in real life and more so those who peek into your computer when you are not around. There are several ways to ferret out if someone has been sleuthing around your comput...
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Technology  /  Published 25.01.19

11 games the gaming rig is waiting for

By Mathures Paul in

Technology  /  Published 29.10.18

The new Windows 10 update

After some initial hiccups, Microsoft has started pushing its second major yearly update, the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (aka Windows 10 version 1809), to compatible PCs. Many are wondering if it ...
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Technology  /  Published 16.12.18

How to migrate WhatsApp data

[{"id":1,"type":"text","value":"I am unable to update WhatsApp on my old Windows Lumia 540 phone with the Windows Store throwing up an error code 805a0193. I am now using a Samsung Galaxy J6 Infinity,...
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Technology  /  Published 04.11.18

The periodic table, on an app

I want my child to learn the periodic table on my iPad. Could you please suggest a good app?Neetu PandeyYou cannot go wrong with The Elements by Theodore Gray. Although this app costs about Rs 700, it...
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