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Storage of 32GB on a Samsung phone is just not enough as you never get the storage that is publicised

Surit Doss Published 15.03.21, 12:24 AM
A better way to cope with limited space is to use the feature called Adoptable Storage

A better way to cope with limited space is to use the feature called Adoptable Storage The Telegraph

I have a Samsung M20 mobile handset with 32GB storage. I also have a memory card where the large files are stored. Despite this, I am told I have just 1GB to 2GB space left.

Soumojyoti Dey


Storage of 32GB on a Samsung phone is just not enough. You never get the storage that is advertised. The Android operating system takes up all of 5GB.

Added to this, Samsung pushes bloatware in the form of pre-installed apps that cannot be uninstalled. At the end of the day, you are left with a meagre 24GB at best.

You would have downloaded a lot of apps and these take up space. Some of these apps cannot be moved to the SD card. But some can. Go to Settings—Apps. Select an app you want to move and tap on it. Go to Storage. If an app can be moved you will get a Change button with which you can move the app to the memory card.

For you, a better way to cope with limited space is to use the feature called Adoptable Storage whereby the external memory card becomes a part of the internal storage. This will require you to keep your card permanently on the phone and you cannot use it to store anything else.

Put a new memory card into your phone. When you get a notification for a “New SD Card”, press “Set Up”. After that, select “Phone Storage”.

You could also go to Settings—Storage, select the card, tap the menu button, and select Storage Settings. Tap on “Format as internal”. On the following screen, tap on “Format SD Card”, or “Erase & Format”. This will delete everything on the card.

You will then be asked if you want to move your content, including apps, onto the memory card. Press “Move Content” to complete the process.

Intel error

After installing a Windows 10 update on my Dell Vostro 15 3000 laptop, I keep getting an error message saying, “Intel Optane Memory Pinning” error.

Amitava Ganguly

Intel Optane Memory is a technology that is used to provide users with faster access to data stored in Solid State Drives (SSD) and the slower hard disk drive (HDD). In your computer, the Intel Optane Pinning Service Extension is not being able to access an important file for it to function properly.

There is a fix for this problem. Open Control Panel and go to Default Programs. On the left, at the bottom, click on Programs and Features. Look for any Intel Optane software. It could be mentioned as Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management. Right-click on it and choose Repair.

Reboot your computer and see if you still get the error message.

Alternatively, you could go to the Dell drivers and downloads website at Here, enter the service tag of your laptop and look for the updated “Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver (version or newer)”.

Install the driver and restart your computer. The site will tell you how to locate the service tag or model of your laptop.

Google doc update

How can I share a copy of a Google Docs file that does not update every time a change is made in the original document? Sharing the file through the share button causes the viewer to see all the updates.

Atul Anand

There is a way to share only a particular version of a Google Docs file. Open the document in Google Drive in your computer’s browser. This tip does not work on the Google Drive mobile app.

Once the file opens, go to File—Version history—See version history. On the right, you will be shown all versions of the file. Choose a version and make a copy of it by clicking the three vertical dots. You can then share this version and continue updating the original file without sharing the changes with others.

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