World  /  Published 19.02.22

Crisis shakes Europeans

Ulrike Franke is a self-confessed German millennial, a defence analyst who worries about her generation’s allergy to the military, especially as it moves into positions of power. “After 3...
By Steven Erlanger in Brussels

Opinion  /  Published 04.02.22

Letters to the Editor: Employers should not have restrictive clauses in job contracts

Needless limits Sir — A single source of income is no longer enough. A steep rise in living costs, rampant unemployment, and student loans have forced many with higher education, especially mil...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 29.08.20

Out, damned spot: Gen Z and the 'full stop'

It is a brave new world that never wants to stop. Its denizens speed through the day with short text messages and WhatsApp effusions on the go, liberally scattering exclamation marks and ellipses as o...
By The Editorial Board

Business  /  Published 19.04.19

Bata styles brands to the casual look

Global footwear major Bata has reworked its strategy to keep pace with the demanding tastes of the millennials, with their preference for casuals. The company, which set up base in India in 1931, is ...
By Pinak Ghosh in Prague

Technology  /  Published 14.05.19

Samsung India is inviting millennials to showcase the real India

On May 9, Samsung launched a new campaign called ‘India, Ready, Action!’, which encourages millennials to shoot a 60-second video capturing what India means to them. The campaign has started on a ...
By Mathures Paul


Opinion  /  Published 10.06.19

Millennials turn every situation to their advantage

Sir — The onward march of technology is making it increasingly difficult to maintain a work-life balance. The ubiquitous smartphone ensures that employees are always just a call or an email away fro...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 29.05.19

Chagrin and admiration for today's youth

The other day, a first-year college student complained bitterly that her generation is completely misunderstood. It is thoughtlessly stereotyped as selfie-obsessed and self-centred. She recommended th...
By Devi Kar

Entertainment  /  Published 14.04.20

Netflix revamps Young Adult genre

Much before Netflix completely changed the way we consume content, there were just two kinds of broad genres that any television show would fall under — for kids and for adults. Millennials went fro...
By Shrestha Saha

Opinion  /  Published 19.10.19

The new gods for millennials: Facebook and Instagram

Nietzsche might just have been a millennial at heart. Close to a century before the first millennial walked the earth, the German philosopher had declared that god is dead. More than 130 years later, ...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 15.09.19

Nirmala Sitharaman's laughable logic

Sir — The reasons provided by the Union finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, for the slump in sales in the automobile industry elicited a lot of laughter (“Serious problem”, Sept 13). Sitharama...
By The Telegraph


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