Science Tech  /  Published 11.10.21

Updates, Social, etc.,

My Gmail inbox is segregated into categories such as Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. I want to stop such emails. How can I get rid of these categories? I want to be able to select all mail in ...
By Surit Doss

Science Tech  /  Published 31.08.21

Rachit Yadav Aka Rachitroo Trending YouTuber and Gamer on Internet today

Youths & Gaming is currently the deadly combination seen today in every house. During the pandemic situation where everything from schools and colleges is closed, playing online games was the only...
By ABP Digital Brand Studio

Education  /  Published 17.08.21

Students are becoming too dependent on technology

YES Declining skills  Over-dependence on technology has led to students losing creativity, and the ability to think and form opinions as a huge source of information is available at the click ...
By The Telegraph

Calcutta  /  Published 30.07.21

Pandemic push to elders’ tech skills

Age no bar IB Block’s nonagenarian Chandrasekhar Bose has had a smart phone for the past few years but only got time to explore it during the pandemic. He recorded a video speech of over half a...
By Brinda Sarkar in Salt Lake

Science Tech  /  Published 28.07.21

AI processors for Sony TVs

What kind of difference does XR technology brings to image processing in in perceivable terms? Cognitive Processor XR is a major development over existing technology, artificial intelligence where cr...
By Mathures Paul


Education  /  Published 20.07.21

Technology is making people more distant than connected

YES Isolated islands In this age of technology, one epoch-making discovery after another has brought the whole world in our control, but it has also made us mechanical. So, today, we may be in touch...
By The Telegraph

Science Tech  /  Published 19.07.21

Hocus Focus Privacy Status

As the pandemic recedes across the US, a lot has changed about how we work and live. Some of us are planning on returning to the office, while others will continue working from home. Many will do both...
By Brian X. Chen

Science Tech  /  Published 12.07.21

Gadget today, gone tomorrow

Four years ago, Paul Hollowell found out that Amazon was making a gadget he desperately wanted — a camera whose sole purpose was to photograph his clothes. Called the Echo Look, it worked by pho...
By Brian X. Chen

Science Tech  /  Published 05.07.21

Vaccines & sinking cities

Game: Survive the Century by Three Kids in a Trenchcoat Genre: Choose your own adventure game Platforms: Browser-based There are more and more games today that blend awareness with fun, learning wi...
By Rajat Chaudhuri

Science Tech  /  Published 14.06.21

The kids are back in town

What sets the game apart is the love that has gone into creating the personalities at play. There is the Bedwetter, who is so scared of the zombies that he has to stay up all night by eating pills. Th...
By Karan R. Gaikwad


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