Cardiovascular Disease
Health  /  Published 01.07.20

Couples sleep better

Do you need better sleep? Then get a partner. New research says that when happy couples sleep together, they tend to have more — and less disrupted — rapid eye movement or REM sleep. This ...
By Agencies in

Opinion  /  Published 17.11.18

The man at the heart of UK's medical research

Calcutta on culture vultures' mapMost tours of India tend to give Calcutta a miss, but I am pleased to report that when the curator Sundaram Tagore leads a group of 18 foreign culture vultures on a 16...
By Amit Roy in

Science  /  Published 07.01.20

Heart drug hope in cobra venom

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the Indian cobra, gaining hitherto unknown insights into its venom’s molecular makeup that they say could lead to more effective anti-venom therapy and new me...
By G.S. Mudur in New Delhi

Health  /  Published 24.11.18

Look before you do a treadmill test

A senior Indian physician has called for the elimination of stress electrocardiogram treadmill tests from routine health check-up packages, saying they may expose healthy people to unnecessary anxiety...
By G.S. Mudur in New Delhi

Science  /  Published 28.12.18

Explained: how exercise burns belly fat

Medical scientists have pinpointed a piece of the molecular mechanism that explains how exercise reduces belly fat, saying a molecule called interleukin6 (IL6) translates burnt calories into fat shed....
By G.S. Mudur in New Delhi


Health  /  Published 13.01.19

Calcium alert on heart attack

Specks of calcium on coronary arteries might be early warning signs for impending heart disease in South Asian men and could help guide prevention and treatment strategies, medical researchers said in...
By G.S. Mudur in New Delhi

India  /  Published 30.08.19

Do we live in Fat India?

Narendra Modi, while launching the Fit India Movement on Thursday, did not lay out how his government would work to make citizens work out more.The Prime Minister's remark on Thursday that Indians had...
By in New Delhi

Health  /  Published 03.07.19

Can home cooking reverse the obesity epidemic?

Many nutrition experts blame processed foods for the obesity epidemic, suggesting that a return to home cooking would turn it around. But now some researchers are arguing that it oversimplifies the ob...
By Anahad O’Connor/ NYTNS in

Opinion  /  Published 25.01.19

Medical report on diet evades issues of choice

The way to the heart is, apparently, through the stomach. Would that, then, mean that food habits all over the world have to change, given that cardiovascular diseases — the result of an unhealthy d...
By The Editorial Board in

Health  /  Published 15.05.19

Should you eat eggs?

Once more, Humpty Dumpty took a great fall last month when a new study linked egg consumption to cardiovascular disease. What follows may — or may not — put Humpty back together again, especially ...
By Jane E. Brody/ NYTNS in


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