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Fish star in Salt Lake AD block Karim’s menu

The signature dishes of the original restaurant — at Delhi’s Jama Masjid neighbourhood — does not have too many fish or prawn items but the menu was customised for its customers in Salt Lake

Brinda Sarkar | Published 19.08.22, 10:03 AM

A persistent complaint by Mughlai lovers of the city is that their favourite ingredient fish is under-represented in the north Indian cuisine. Keeping that grouse in mind Karim’s in Salt Lake AD Block has launched a new menu this Independence Day to bring the two together.

“The signature dishes of our original restaurant — at Delhi’s Jama Masjid neighbourhood — do not have too many fish or prawn items but customers in Salt Lake always enquire about it,” says Souvik Mukherjee, who runs the outlet. “So we have introduced prawn items now and shall run trials on fish items over the next month or so till we have the perfect menu to offer pandal-hoppers during the Pujas.”

First up is Prawn Biriyani (Rs 546) that tastes rather different from, say, the Boti Biriyani or Raan Biriyani that Karim’s is famous for. “The rice is flavoured with prawn stock,” says Mukherjee. “In fact, one shouldn’t combine this biriyani with any mutton or chicken side dish lest the flavours overpower one another. There are several new prawn dishes to go with that.”

Those looking for a light option could go for the cashew-based Makhmali Prawn (Rs 520) and those who will settle for nothing less than a spice-rich meal should opt for Prawn Masala, that is prawn cooked in the tandoor with tomato-based gravy.

There’s something new for chicken and mutton lovers too. There are tandoor items like Chicken Peshawari from Pakistan as well as Mutton Kundan of Lucknow. “This rich almond-based dish is popular in Lucknow but perhaps unheard of in our city. It goes well with steamed rice as well as any of our rotis,” Mukherjee says.

Mutton rezala

Mutton rezala

Among starters are Tandori Prawn as well as fusion items like Chicken Cheese Kebab (Rs 389), that has reportedly been popular from Day One. “This one is my personal favourite too,” Mukherjee confesses. “It fuses the tandoor style of cooking with cheese, that is traditionally a western condiment.”

On the same lines is Chicken Til Kebab, that’s marinated with cream and cheese such that every bite exudes the taste of chicken, cheese and white sesame seeds alike. “Our new menu wouldn’t have been complete without Mutton Rezala, that customers have been hounding us to start,” Mukherjee laughs. And he promises that this dish, priced at Rs 494, does not have the thick layer of floating oil that puts off health-conscious foodies at other restaurants. “It’s a delicious but light gravy and is also available in chicken.”

Last updated on 19.08.22, 10:03 AM

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