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‘Brishti’ and all things Bong: 10 quintessential thoughts on a rainy day

What Monday blues when we have rainy day hues?

Pooja Mitra | Published 12.09.22, 03:13 PM
Are you too singing ‘Brishti brishti brishti, e kon aporup srishti’?

Are you too singing ‘Brishti brishti brishti, e kon aporup srishti’?

Pooja Mitra

Been romancing the rain since yesterday? The petrichor, raindrops on the plants, an overcast sky, ceiling fan at speed three, the prospect of khichuri for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and contemplating a rainy day chhuti on a Monday — can it get any better? If you’re a Bengali, chances are these thoughts and experiences are part of your day today.

Chances also are that one or more of the 10 thoughts listed below have crossed your mind today. Check out these quintessentially Bangali thoughts on a rainy day —

‘Khichuri khabo’

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Savouring some gorom gorom khichuri when listening to the pitter-patter of brishti is a Bong dose of self love. Add some scrumptious sides of bhaja kumro, ilish, alu. dim — along with some chutney and dig in! Blues, what Monday blues? All that’s on the cards after that lunch is a nap, which brings us to thought number two…

Rainy day off from work?

Mulling over taking the day off, with an entire monologue on why kids should have all the fun, is #relatable. The mild nip in the air, the smell of khichuri from the kitchen, the music of raindrops and a greyscale day, and the jhoro hawa are enough reasons to apply for one. Go on, go on, time and tide wait for none said barir borora anyway! It’s time for that book, and maybe a ghum after. 

It’s rum and ‘peyaji’ weather officially

It’s time to spend some time in the company of the old monk today. Fixed an appointment already? Add some fritters on the menu list, because nothing better than crunchy-crispy goodies for a tete-a-tete with the buro sadhu. 

How about some fish fry with evening chaa?

Pooja Mitra

Crunchy on the outside, flaky, delicious bekti on the inside — a lightly crumb-coated fish fry with some kasundi and slivers of onion,  along with your mug (extra large, this time) of tea — there are very few better ways to celebrate a rainy evening.

Horror film or a classic romance?

Something about the sepia-grey tones of a cloudy day and the sound of rain bring to mind all things bhoot! If you’re in the mood for a horror flick watchathon, we have some suggestions. There is the goosebump-inducing, olden-golden Bengali film Kuheli, the satirical comedy Bhooter Bhabishyat or the classics like Exorcist or Conjuring

Eeriness aside, rainy days are also for romance (Bollywood has trained us well). From monsoon tunes to films with iconic rain scenes, it’s time to get that extra buttery popcorn and tune in. Shri 420, Manzil and Dil To Pagal Hai to One Day or La La Land, it’s the perfect setting to rewatch an old favourite. 

Should I skip ‘snan’ today?

Winter and brishti do give some reasons to skip a bath, from thanda lege jabe to plain, old, weather-induced lyad. Just being honest here. 

There’s water everywhere but ‘parar adda’ is a must

If it has been raining in Kolkata, can waterlogging be far behind? However, does that mean skipping adda with the para friends on a rainy day? Not-a-chance! 

Take a chhata, brave the water, reach the adda-spot, order some tea, grab a snack (telebhaja, anyone?) Don’t forget to check out the parar pandal too because it’s less than 15 days to Mahalaya

‘Pujoy brishti hobe na toh?’

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An inevitable thought, Pujoy brishti has been as real as climate change. Will it rain or will it not, that is the question. Fingers crossed!

Long drive with bae


Heart’s been humming ‘Ei meghla dine ekla ghore thake na toh mon’ to ‘Pherari Mon’? Time to plan an ‘Ei poth jodi na shesh hoy’ with bae then! Wait not, call now and head out. Happy Monday!

Will it rain tomorrow?

…and, will applying for another rainy day holiday, and one more day of khichuri be too much? Well, that’s a decision for another day. For now, carpe diem!

Last updated on 12.09.22, 03:29 PM

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