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Recalling childhood rainy days and a ride down memory-town

A throwback to simpler times and fun activities…

Pooja Mitra | Published 11.05.22, 01:50 PM

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During our childhoods, rainy days meant days off from school, followed by a string of ritualistic activities — getting wet, sailing paper boats, checking if raincoats work, digging into a thala of khichuri and bhaja… Rainy days meant fun. So, with Cyclone Asani bringing some wet relief, here are some more rainy-day activities we wish we could indulge in again…

Muddy football matches

Ramniklal Modi/Shutterstock

Swollen, scratched and in uniforms almost unrecognisable, returning home with a smile on our faces after a muddy match was one of the great joys of chotobela. Next was, of course, a stern glare from mother dearest that screamed ‘Take a bath!’ Those were days spent well!

Sailing paper boats

Sushil Prajapati / Shutterstock

Perfect paper boats are a piece of art, and making them require concentration and dexterity. A rainy-day activity when waterlogged gullies were not impediments, but waterways to float the boats and see how far they went…

Rain-wear fashion

Ramniklal Modi/Shutterstock

A bland-looking raincoat or umbrella? Never! There is something called rain fashion and yes, children love it too. Raincoats and/or umbrellas with bold prints and pop colours were in vogue then, as it is now. But rain boots had limited or no choice at all!

Brishti equals khichuri

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For Bengalis, there cannot and should not be any other item on wet days that the OG rainy-day dish, khichuri and bhaja. That’s a blanket rule — be it for the bachchas or the buros. The sudden holiday needs a language of celebration, and is there anything better than a plate full of khichuri?

‘Bristitey snan’, oh what fun!

There’s no snan as fun as snan in the rain, i.e., there’s no shower like a rain shower! Especially because this also involved a rain dance, a lot of jumping, splashing water on friends and many other moves. Move over, regular baths!

Rainy day, ‘dupurer ghum’ and a slice of heaven

A khichuri-filled tummy and thanda-thanda weather called for a quick nap, snuggling close to mommy, granny or anyone boro, followed by some mathaye haat bolano and sursuri of course. Those were the days, those were the days…

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