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This Modern Love 'Kolkata' thread on Facebook will give you the giggles

Along with some potential storylines from My Kolkata!

Lygeia Gomes | Published 23.05.22, 07:45 PM

Amazon Prime India’s latest Modern Love Mumbai — a series based on a popular New York Times column that captures modern day romances in the City of Dreams — can’t help but spark the question: What would Modern Love Kolkata encapsule?

An interracial ‘meet cute’ stretched out over three editions of boi mela?


Xaverians catching a metro from Park Street instead of Maidan and willingly paying extra for five more minutes of conversation, even though the current inflation rate is as offensive as having to skip a Sunday afternoon nap?

Young adults getting permission to celebrate their third year of courtship with a weekend trip to Mandarmani? And both packing a kolbalish because nothing else (and no one) is as comforting?

Or perhaps, accepting a non-Bengali into a Bhadralok family only to discover they stand on the wrong side of the ilish vs. chingri debate and pledge allegiance to the wrong football team. But all's well that ends well because the Bangali side of the family christens them with a daak naam that mirrors their preferences.

As My Kolkata came up with potential storylines, so did a few other Kolkatans when 25-year-old Sourya Chakrabarty raised the question on Facebook. Here’s a run-down of some of the funniest comments on the thread.

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