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What did Kolkata order the most on Swiggy in 2022?

Biryani and roll grabbed the top spots, but rosogolla lost the race as the most ordered dessert in the city this year

Jaismita Alexander | Published 22.12.22, 05:57 PM


Swiggy welcomed thousands of new users this year from Kolkata. According to the food delivery app, users chose convenience and more food and groceries were ordered online than ever before. As the year comes to an end, let’s see what the city indulged in the most in 2022 with Swiggy’s year-end trends. 

Burgers and pizzas may come and go, but Biryani is the only constant!

The top 2 ordered dishes on Swiggy from Kolkata were Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani. Why are we not surprised? 


Kolkata’s love for Biryani is constant. From street stalls to star hotels, the biryani has crossed all borders. And are you even a true Kolkatan if you don’t drool over a plate of long-grained, aromatic rice, perfectly cooked aloo and a juicy piece of meat? (Did you notice how we placed the aloo before the meat?) 

After Biryani, the third most popular dish was Butter Naan. 

Guess that’s naan negotiable. 

And the award for Best Snack goes to…

Chicken Roll! Kolkata’s most-ordered snack on Swiggy is a classic— the Kolkata roll. Fritters and all are fine, but what’s better than a crispy and oily Chicken Roll when hunger pangs hit? The second and third positions were also conquered by rolls. What came first - the chicken or the egg? We may finally have the answer. The second most ordered snack was Egg Roll followed by Egg Chicken Roll.

Is Cake > Rosogolla?

Well, a cake. We were soooo not ready to hear this but the most ordered dessert in 2022 was not sandesh or rosogolla. Kolkata decided to indulge in Rich Dutch Chocolate Cake instead. Kaju Barfi and Choco Vanilla Mousse took the second and third sweet spots, respectively. 

We’re hoping it’s because every para has a mishtir dokan that’s within walking distance. 

Meat, milk, curd? Kolkata Swiggy’d it on Instamart

About 1.8 lakh delivery orders of meat in Kolkata were received by Swiggy between January 15, 2022 and November 15, 2022. Kolkata was in the top 10 cities with maximum orders of meat this year (Bangalore was #1 followed by Hyderabad and Chennai). 

Milk was also ordered until the cows came home. Around 6.5 lakh units of Amul Taaza Milky Milk were ordered making it lead the herd. Four of the 5 topmost orders consisted of different varieties of milk and curd.

ThumsUp, taste the thunder….

Kolkatans consumed more than 3 lakh bottles of ThumsUp in 2022. According to Swiggy trends, it was one of the topmost ordered items after 6pm. (Gym trainers, are you listening?) 

“Kolkata, like the majority of the states, savoured Chicken Biryani, making it the most ordered dish of the year. The people in the city were experimental with their dessert preferences, as Rich Dutch Chocolate Cake emerged as the most ordered dessert of the year. Customers are also getting ready for the festivities and placing orders for their favourite snacks; party essentials and more on Swiggy Instamart.”

— Swiggy spokesperson 

The craziest bill!

When it comes to food, Kolkata readily loosens the purse strings. The highest single billing Rs 32,994. That’s quite a bit but not as much as Bangalore, where a single order was worth Rs 75,378 during Diwali. 

Star delivery executive

Amidst the top charts for consumption, Swiggy has thrown the spotlight on its Star Delivery Executives as well. Delivery executive Afridi Mondol delivered the most number of orders across Kolkata, which was a whopping 6,443. 

Wow, Afridi just hit it out of the park! 

We’ll end with another number. Around 7,000 restaurants in Kolkata got listed on Swiggy in 2022. Good luck making a choice and happy ordering! 

Last updated on 22.12.22, 06:51 PM

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