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Get beer, wine, liquor at your doorstep ‘in under 10 minutes’ via Booozie

Some FAQs about the Hyderabad-based startup that launched operations in Kolkata on June 1

Lygeia Gomes | Published 03.06.22, 05:56 PM


Friends coming over for an impromptu party? Have a deadline to meet and no time to make a run to the nearest liquor store? Enter, Booozie, a Hyderabad-based delivery aggregator that brings alcohol to your doorstep. What’s more? It claims to make that delivery in just 10 minutes.

Co-founder Vivekanand Balijepalli said the app and web-based platform launched on June 1 in Kolkata.


“I thought of the concept during the lockdown of 2020, when it was so hard to purchase alcohol,” said Balijepalli, who runs the venture parallel to his full-time job as a pilot for a private airline.

So, how does it work? My Kolkata caught up with Balijepalli for a happy-hour chat that answers all the FAQs

When did the service launch in Kolkata?

June 1.

Does it deliver liquor across Kolkata?

It delivers alcohol in South Kolkata, in the eastern metropolis area. We are hoping to get permission for all of Kolkata soon.

What is the ‘innovative AI’ associated with Booozie?

The AI helps us understand the tastes and preferences of each locality in the city. So, we know approximately what, where and how much alcohol to store.

How does the 10-minute delivery window work?

The AI uses user data to predict the most likely orders and keep those ready, including billing and everything. The second thing that helps us is that our delivery partners are always stationed outside liquor stores and we have a store manager in each store to help with operations. The combination of these elements allows us to have the order out for delivery in under a minute, which makes a 10-minute delivery window very likely. But we make sure to not put any pressure on our riders.

How will the riders navigate the traffic?

We have tied up with local stores in almost every locality in Kolkata, so navigating traffic won’t be a problem as the rider won’t have to travel much in the first place.

Can one get a cold beer?

Of course. We intimate the stores to keep the beers chilled and our delivery partners carry insulated bags.

What range of liquor can Booozie deliver?

We ask the stores to stock up on items that our AI finds ‘frequently ordered’. But in the event that someone does place an order that is not on the list and our delivery partner needs to pick it up from a shop that is far, the user is notified that the 10-minute window will be crossed.

What is the delivery charge? Are there hidden costs?

The delivery charge varies according to the distance. Also, we charge GST on the delivery charge, as per the law. There are no hidden costs.

Any launch discounts or promos?

Yes, we’ll be rolling out a launch offer shortly.

How does Booozie make sure that consumers are of legal drinking age?

We verify using users’ Aadhar cards.

What does your logo stand for?

It resembles a wine glass because we wanted people to see it and instantly know that we’re Booozie — a brand related to alcohol.

How do you propose to compete against Spencer’s and Swiggy Genie?

With the 10-minute delivery window, definitely. Also, our commissions from the liquor stores are much less, so automatically we have more stores in hand, which will hopefully mean more access to customers.

Do you deliver mixers as well? Bar bites?

Mixers, yes, if the store you’re ordering from has it. Bar bites, not yet. Booozie plans on launching a non-alcoholic range of mocktails on the app soon.

The app has a Trending Today and Cocktail Recipe section. Is Booozie trying to build a social platform or a community of sorts?

Yes, we are. We also think that this will be a differentiator for us. Like-minded users will use the app for everything it has to offer and in turn, order alcohol as well.

What’s the next big trend in the world of spirits?

Umm… mocktails? Once Booozie launches it’s line, of course!

Last updated on 03.06.22, 06:06 PM

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