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Students are becoming too dependent on technology

Your Voice | Youngsters opine on their increasing dependency on gadgets

The Telegraph Published 17.08.21, 02:46 AM

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Declining skills


Over-dependence on technology has led to students losing creativity, and the ability to think and form opinions as a huge source of information is available at the click of a finger. They merely Google to complete their projects and assignments, which too are submitted at the click of a button. Online interactions are also stripping them of communication skills.

Pratik Sarkar,

Third year, Scottish Church College, Calcutta

Appetite for plagiarism

In this digital age, technology is becoming a ubiquitous part of learning, and students are becoming reliant on it. Readymade solutions on the Internet have increased learners’ appetite for plagiarism. The more they rely on Google to complete assignments, the less they use their creative faculty. It diminishes patience too, a requisite for innovative thinking.

Anusha Bhowmik,

First year, M.A. English, University of Calcutta, Calcutta

Information spoon-fed

Yes, students are becoming way too dependent as it makes work easier. They are not developing their thinking skills as technology is spoon-feeding them information. They use Google and so on to complete projects and homework instead of doing them on their own. They watch movies on the Internet instead of going to a cinema or reading a book.

Sohini Dutta,

Class IX, Loreto Day School, Bowbazar, Calcutta

Loss of charm

Technology, a boon as well as a bane, is here to stay. It has made students so dependent that they have lost out on the charm of writing letters, going to the library and interacting with people live. Gone are the days when one would rack one’s brain to search for and reach a solution. Now one only “looks up”.

Harsh Nathani,

Class XII, Vidyanjali International School, Calcutta


Fun learning

Long lectures from teachers and difficult explanations in books bore and confuse students. Sometimes just reading the textbook is not enough to get a clear idea of the topic. Exciting videos and pictures that make learning fun are available on the Internet. These help clear doubts and understand things more effectively. Technology only helps them in learning better, it is not their mainstay.

Samarpita Mandi,

Class VII, D.A.V. Public School, Midnapore

Easily picked up

Technology has become an inherent part of our existence and life without it is unthinkable. Since today’s students are exposed to tech right from birth, they adopt it much more easily compared to elders. They are not too dependent on technology, they just take maximum advantage of it.

Ranbir Saraff,

Class VII, La Martiniere for Boys, Calcutta

Faster learning

Technology is a tool that students use to make their life easier. Those who criticise them for being too dependent on technology do not actually realise how quickly students can learn because of it.

Nishka Mondal,

Class VIII, Ram Mohan Mission High School, Calcutta

Virtual teacher

Students come up with a lot of queries and doubts, but not all can be answered by the teacher or the private tutor. Students sometimes have questions that are not part of the curriculum. So, there is no greater blessing than technology, which provides us all answers, readymade and quickly.

Debarpita Mandi,

Class VII, D.A.V. Public School, Midnapore

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